Moms Can Drive Minivans And Still Look Cool

Mon, 7/16/2018 - 8:59 pm by Kirsten Rincon

Minivans have never been considered to be cool or attractive vehicles. What they are known for, is that they are spacious, with third-row seats and more legroom than most other vehicles, and that they have high storage capacities. That’s why they have been the favorite vehicle choice of most moms for a very long time, because they are practical and convenient.

But, today’s moms want to get more than just practicality and convenience from their cars. They also want a car that looks stylish, that has good performances, and that they can look cool in. However, it’s difficult to find a vehicle that is as practical as a minivan, and is a high-performance vehicle and has a stylish design at the same time, so those who don’t want to give up the benefits that minivans provide, but still want their vehicles to look cool, can do a couple of things to make their minivans look less boring.

Obviously, the boxy look of minivans is what hurts their reputation the most. This is not an attractive or a sexy look at all. The general opinion about people who drive minivans is not very flattering, and some even say that driving a minivan makes you look dorky. But, there is a way you can avoid being called lame just because you own a minivan. For starters, you can try and make the interior more inviting, by putting leather seat covers, which will make you feel more like you are in an elegant, luxurious sedan, instead of a minivan. Also, there are all sorts of devices you can install in your minivan to make it more fun. For example, you can get DVD players with screens that you can install in the front row seats’ headrests, so that your kids can watch a movie, or play a video game with their headphones on, without distracting you while driving. Furthermore, you can replace the seats with swivel chairs, which will make for a more fun and enjoyable ride, or you can install some colorful sports seats.

Moving on to the exterior, there are lots of possibilities for giving your minivan look that will make people look past its boxy shape. You can start by giving it a new paintjob, such as a bright, pink color that will make you feel young and sexy, or you can opt for flame decals, which will convey a message that although you might be a soccer mom driving a minivan, you are not someone to be messed around with. Then, you can do something really unorthodox, and put a spoiler or two on your minivan, along with superchargers, and you should definitely replace the boring wheels that come as standard equipment with most minivans with chrome wheels, that are far cooler.

These are all things that are easy to do and don’t cost too much, and can help all moms avoid being stereotyped as someone who is boring just because they drive a minivan.