Can We Get Rid of the DMV? Customer Satisfaction Study Infographic

Sun, 10/22/2017 - 1:13 am by Kirsten Rincon

Here at, we decided it was time to look into how Americans interact with the government, and in particular, the state-run Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Over the past 4 months, we gathered responses from across the country to uncover the key issues and find out what people are willing to do to solve them.

The results were surprising. Not only are people dissatisfied with the inefficiencies and growing costs of government; they want drastic changes to the system.

Could you picture a world without the DMV as we know it? What if we moved most of the services online and outsourced the rest? We could essentially get rid of the DMV. Some state DMVs (like the California DMV – see the state site) are already starting down this road and the numbers are coming back positive.

The time for this discussion is now. With the current roadblocks America is facing (the debt ceiling, government shutdown, and political infighting) we need to go beyond incremental changes and quick fixes. We need to leverage the technology at our disposal while allowing the private sector to revolutionize a bureaucratic, inefficient, service.

We made an infographic to articulate our findings. We invite you to share this on your blog or social media and join the debate.

(See full size version here)