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When Should You Go to the DMV?

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When Should You Go to the DMV?

If You You Have to Go to the DMV, Go At the Right Times

Unlike 20 or 30 years ago, when you had to go to your local DMV office and stand in long lines for hours just to make an appointment for a driving license test, nowadays it's a whole different story, thanks to the invention of Internet and the online services that most DMV's provide. But even with those online services, that include making an appointment for a driving test or a vehicle registration, you are still required to personally go to the DMV and get the job done on site afterwards. If you need to renew or replace your driving license, obtain new license plates, or take the driving license test, you will be asked to go to the DMV office and bring an up-to-date documentation, such as the vehicle ID or a copy of the insurance card. In order to do that as quickly and as efficiently as possible, you need to know when is the best time to visit the DMV, when it's the least busy and possibly which days a certain office closes earlier.

The first and most important thing everyone should remember is to always have all the required documentation ready and up-to-date before they head out to the DMV. When it comes to what time of the day to go there, there are some who advise to go early in the morning and try to be first in line, but that tactic almost never works, because a lot of people want to do that and there is always a huge line during the first hour or so, and that's why it's more convenient to go midmorning or late afternoon, which is your safest bet to avoid the early-morning rush hour. Besides, a lot of DMV offices themselves state that the first hour of opening and lunch hours are especially busy. Choosing the day for a visit to the DMV can be very important, too. The busiest days are usually Mondays and Fridays, so going there midweek is advisable. Also, remember to avoid the days before and after a holiday.

In addition to this timing strategy for a visit to the DMV, you should try using credit cards or checks, which will speed up the process during a transaction, as well as using the on-line services when available.

There is obviously no ideal time to go to the DMV, but following this advice could help people cut the waiting time and stress that are a constant ingredient of the whole DMV experience.

You can always try and avoid the DMV all together by performing tasks such as vehicle history reports online.

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Submitted by Anonymous on 23rd Jan 2013

yeah there would be an ideal

yeah there would be an ideal time to go to the DMV if they didnt close so early, they close when everyone gets out of work at 4. Its really stupid and makes going to the dmv that much harder. i get out of work at 4 and i work one of those jobs where its almost impossoble to take off. so everytime i have to get down there and get somthing done i cant because of the foolish and unthoughtful hours. they make everything harder then its has to be.

Submitted by Anonymous on 22nd Jan 2013

WhatsBusy starts forecasting

WhatsBusy starts forecasting wait times for about 7200 DMVs on March 1 this year. You can sign up at for early access.

Submitted by Anonymous on 23rd Sep 2013