How Automobile Advertising Has Changed Over Time

Mon, 5/7/2018 - 1:14 am by Kirsten Rincon

There have been plenty of interesting car ads over the years, and a lot of ads made a couple of decades ago are still remembered by many people. The first car ads were made right after the first motor vehicle was invented, and they were pretty simple, which is understandable considering the fact that back then advertisers didn’t have the technology that is available today. In the beginning, car ads, just like ads for almost every other product, were very informative and they were offering detailed descriptions of cars. A typical car ad from the 50’s or the 60’s described various car specifications, such as mileage, top speed, engine displacement, and so on.

However, car ads didn’t remain the same in the following decades. They quickly started changing and evolving, becoming more entertaining. As car manufacturers began to realize that people didn’t think of cars as a luxury any more, adverts started getting a different look. More and more people were realizing that cars are a necessity, and car makers were trying to use that fact to sell more vehicles. They wanted to convince people that cars are an important part of their lifestyle, so they were making commercials where cars were somehow brought into correlation with successful people, which was supposed to make people think that a good car can give you the confidence you need to become more successful in your career.

During the 1980’s, adverts started to look like short movies, and they weren’t just informative any more. Almost every commercial had a joke or two in it, and a funny slogan that would stick in people’s heads long after they’ve seen the commercial.

In the 1990’s, most car ads were promoting the technology that you could find in vehicles, describing certain innovations in headlight technology, new and improved suspension and brake systems, and other similar novelties.

The most important changes in automobile advertising started happening after the invention of the Internet. We all know that the Internet changed practically our whole lives, and it’s no wonder that it affected the way car makers promote their vehicles. It’s pretty easy for companies to advertise their products to millions of people using websites and various social networks. Nowadays, when you see a commercial that is fun and entertaining, and you like to see it again, you visit their website or you go to some video sharing site. A lot of people share the videos through social networks, which means more potential customers for car makers. Also, once you visit a website of a certain company, it provides you with detailed information about their products, which is a good way to make people get interested in something that they didn’t think they want or need.

In the last couple of years, most car ads have been pretty silly and sexy. We can see a lot of ads where an attractive woman is driving a car, or a guy who drives a high-end sports car and it attracts the most beautiful women like a magnet, which is a clear allusion that you can get every woman you like if you drive a nice car.