3 Reasons Your Auto Warranty Expiration Will Lead to High Repair Costs

Thu, 3/8/2018 - 5:42 pm by DMV Admin

Auto insuranceWhen you buy a new vehicle, part of the deal includes a warranty that serves to assure you that any issues with the car will be resolved at no cost to you. However, most warranties only cover your vehicle for the first three years or 36,000 miles after you purchase it. After this point, the manufacturer is not responsible for any repairs.

It is at this exact juncture that vehicle issues, like breakdowns, tend to occur. DMV.com recommends purchasing an extended warranty can help you cover many vehicle repair costs after the standard warranty has expired.

Otherwise, there are three ways in which not having an extended warranty can cost you big in the long run.

Car Repairs Become Your Responsibility

Once your auto warranty expires, the responsibility for covering repairs falls on you, regardless of whether the issue or defect being repaired occurred through no fault of your own. Dealerships may charge astronomical fees for repairs that used to be free under your warranty, and third-party mechanics may not cost you any less. Replacing a faulty engine, for instance, can cost you more than $4,000.

DMV.com recommends purchasing an extended warranty that can help you cover the costs of any repairs. You can get an instant quote online and obtain an extended auto warranty that is accepted at all dealerships and mechanics. The process takes minutes, and it can save you thousands of dollars in future costs.

Insurance Will Only Cover Some Costs

You may think that having auto insurance will cover all repairs to your automobile, and you may not think it matters that your vehicle warranty has expired. This belief can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair costs, as well as the headache of dealing with rejected insurance claims. Hardly any vehicle insurance plan covers issues related to wear or manufacturer defects. These issues are typically covered under vehicle warranties. DMV.com advises that you purchase an extended warranty online so that your car is never without this crucial coverage. This extended warranty will cover repairs that an insurance plan cannot cover, such as broken or faulty parts.

Older Cars May Require More Repairs

No car is perfect, no matter how much a salesperson or manufacturer may suggest otherwise. Every car will begin to plague its owner at one point or another and require prompt repair. Most often, these issues start to arise after your standard warranty has expired. This can mean that you are financially responsible for these repairs; unless you have purchased an extended vehicle warranty. DMV.com suggests purchasing an extended warranty shortly before your current warranty expires so that there is no lapse in coverage. However, you can easily and efficiently get a quote and purchase a warranty now, even if your standard manufacturer’s warranty has already expired. You have enough stress worrying about repairing your car. Don’t let the cost of repairs add to the burden. Get your extended warranty quote today.