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Title Transfers or Obtaining a New Certificate of Title in New York

A certificate of title issued by the state of New York is a document that proves legal ownership of a vehicle. A title must be obtained when an individual purchases a new vehicle. A title transfer must also be completed when a used vehicle is sold or gifted, or when a vehicle changes hands as a result of the death of the vehicle's owner.


For new vehicles, the licensed dealer that sold the vehicle typically will accept and submit the required titling information and fees on behalf of the buyer. However, buyers wishing to handle the titling independently can do so. Those interested in applying for a new title without the dealer's assistance should refer to the Vehicle Registration and Certificate of Title page and the Title and Registration Frequently Asked Questions documents on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website.


Sale/Purchase or Gift of a Used Vehicle

When you purchase a used vehicle, or obtain one as a gift, the title must be legally transferred into your name. This is done by obtaining the following documents, and submitting them along with the appropriate fees by mail or in person at the DMV office:

  1. The current title, with the assignment completed by the seller or donor (signing the title over to you), and notarized. The title must include the federal odometer disclosure, if the vehicle is less than nine years old.
  2. A completed Form MV-82TON if applying only for the Title. If applying for both Title and Registration download and complete Form MV-82.
  3. If the title does not indicate the date of sale and selling price, a completed Bill of Sale, signed by both current and new owner and notarized, is required.
  4. An Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statement, if the title does not include this information and the vehicle is less than nine years old.
  5. A Statement of Transaction for Sales Tax form completed by both the buyer and the seller that shows the vehicle purchase price.
  6. A New York State Insurance Identification Card (FS-20).
  7. If applicable, the original or copy of the vehicle's financing statement or security agreement.
  8. Proof of identity and date of birth.


Along with the appropriate transfer of title documents above, you will need to submit the following fees:
  1. Title fee of $50.00
  2. Sales tax depending on the county and vehicle purchase price.
Contact the local DMV office to calculate the correct amount due. Acceptable methods of payment are checks, money orders, credit cards or cash (do not send cash through the mail).

Transfer of Title Following Death of Vehicle Owner

In the event of the death of the vehicle owner, the title is often transferred to the heirs or someone else identified in the owner's will. The procedures and fees for this type of transfer are similar to those outlined above. In addition, it is important to determine how the estate of the deceased has been settled by the heir(s). In some cases, the heirs may need to complete an Affidavit for Transfer of Motor Vehicle, and provide copies of the death certificate, the will (or a notarized statement of its contents), if there is one. For more information on title transfers following the death of a vehicle owner, refer to the Department of Motor Vehicles online, contact the local DMV office, or call (518) 486-4714.


Appropriate title transfer documents and fees should be submitted to the local DMV office or mailed to the headquarters office:
Title Bureau
Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228    

Additional Information

  • Contact the local DMV office if you wish to add, remove or change a name on a vehicle title for reason other than those discussed above.
  • If there is an existing lien on the vehicle, there will be additional requirements for transferring the title.
  • A valid title provides proof of ownership of the vehicle. However, remember that a title transfer does not entitle the new owner(s) to legally operate the vehicle. For this, refer to the appropriate license and registration information.

Reviews of Title Transfers or Obtaining a New Certificate of Title in New York

I sold my car last year in January. However, the new owner hasn't go through the transfership. How can I remove my name from the title. I need help!

I thought I sold my car so I put the new buyer information on the back of the title. They did not go through with the purchase. Can I just white out or put a line through the current information and add the new buyer or do I need to get a new title?

I moved from NewMexico to New York I recently registered my vehicle which I bought in NM and bought out right. The DMV stapled all my paper work that I filled out including my title that was a NM title and kept it. Will they mail me a new title or do they keep my title?

My sister passed away on 12/29/2011. she never had a will, power of attorney, etc.

About 10months ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was at this she handed me several documents including her title for her vehicle and told me that if she were to pass she wanted me to have her car. all was forgotten umtil after she passes. I came across the car's title. sh e had not signed it. I live in Delaware, of course she lived in Shokan, NY. I tried to have the vehicle changed from her name to mine. I found out the vehicle has a lien from Bank of America. She bought this car new in 1999, early 2000. I know the vehicle is paid off, I have conversed with BoA. Since my sister did not have a will, no letter of testimony, etc. BoA will not release the lien in order for me to get the lien off. Can I complete MV349 and have the tilte in my name, then get the lien off from BoA?

my father passed away and all debts have been paid how do i get a title to a camper that i still have, it was not considered an asset.

i want now if u send my title

I'm wanting to buy a car from my friend who purchased his 99 Honda Accord in NY state but has since moved to CT and registered the car there. He has since lost the title. How can he get a replacement certificate of Title? Will form mv902 do the trick?


hello i bought a car in rhode island iam trying to get a title in newyork but the only thing i have is the state of rhode island department of administration division of motor vehicles private pass registration certificate and the sellers information and proof of his insurance that he had on the car that i own now.what form will in need thank you.

How to obtain title and registration from buying a used vehicle?

We just purchased our leased vehicle. Do I need to surrender my plates, living in the state of NY?? I realize we need a title transfer, if the car is registered to my husband can I handle all the paperwork as long as he has signed what is necessary??

I bought a 1994 honda accord about 4 years ago. I lost the title and can't get in contact with the previous owner. How do i go about getting a title for my car.

Our vehical was stolen on Jan 7, 2009 it was recovered by the police the theifs had stolen the vin numbers off of the vehical. We went to motor vehical in NY and gave them a copy of the police report and filled out a form and reported that the vin numbers were stolen. The insurance company towed our vehical. They said that because the vin numbers were stolen it was considered salvage. We advised motor vehical. We had to send the tiltle to Albany because we had just financed our car for the remainder of the balance that was due on our 2005 ext excalde and was told that we had to send the original title to Albany and have the title changed from Kelly cadilac to Americredit. Two months later albany comes back and tells us that the title is on hold because we had to send them a NV899 Form from motor vehical and pay $155.00. Why weren't we told by motor vehical when we went to them in the first place and why do we have to pay a fee? Where can I download this form. Please help?????

How can I get this done A.S.A.P. Then they said that motor vehical has to inspect the car where ever the insurance company towed the car at the salvage. Can you explain to me how this works and why motor vehical has to inspect the car. Were new at this and we want to understand how this works. Motor vehecal already has the police report for grand larceny theif. Was my insurance company aware of that and didn't tell me?

Thank you.

Lila Matos

Thank you.