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Lawrence RMV - Map, Hours, Contact

Lawrence RMV - Map, Hours, Contact

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Lawrence RMV Address

73 Winthrop Avenue Lawrence MA 01843

Lawrence RMV Hours

Monday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: Close
Sunday: Close

Lawrence RMV Additional Information

Written tests for Class D or M given 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (10:00 am - 5:00 pm on Thursdays for branches with extended hours). Written tests for Class A, B, or C given 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (10:00 am - 4:00 pm on Thursdays for branches with extended hours).

Lawrence RMV Contact Information

Phone #: 857-368-8000

Lawrence RMV Holidays

Lawrence RMV Services

  • Registration
  • Titling
  • Plates
  • Driver's License
  • Written Test
  • Road Test

Payment Methods available at this location

  • Cash, Check, Money Order

  • Credit cards are not accepted for reinstatement fees.

Submitted by charbel59 on 12th Apr 2016

Phillip was great! Our


Phillip was great! Our interaction began in the parking lot when he asked us what we were doing (parking in a restricted area). He confirmed we were parked in the correct place and directed us inside to the "drivers test" area. Phillip was quick and efficient in getting our paperwork confirmed. Our road test was a great experience with Phillip giving clear directions and having me do everything. There were no hypotheticals, all action and application based. Once the road test was passed, Phillip took care of all the paperwork and the following week I received my license in the mail. Thank you for a great experience!

Submitted by Phillip Rohrig on 21st Oct 2015

October I went to take my


October I went to take my road test. The service was fast. I had a great experience. My instructor, was Phillip by the look on his face you can tell he's serious and gets things done. He was clear in giving me direction on where to go. I was highly nervous and he calmed my nerves but I have been driving for 20 years . Overall great experience I wish every DMV person in Lawrence acted like Phillip.

Submitted by christal110 on 14th Oct 2015

This October I went to take


This October I went to take my road test. The service was fair and fast. I had a great experience. My instructor, I wish I remembered his name but he was bald was perfect. by the look on his face you can tell he's serious and gets things done. He was clear in giving me direction on where to go. I was highly nervous and he calmed my nerves. He told me my strengths and gave me techniques on how to work my e brake. Overall I knew I'm a great driver and if I didn't pass I just try, try again.

Submitted by christal110 on 14th Oct 2015
Submitted by christal110 on 14th Oct 2015
Submitted by dfartek on 1st Oct 2015

I took the road test at DMV


I took the road test at DMV Lawrence. I got there and things just started to complicate because me and my sponsor didn't provide the adequate car insurance documents. Phil, the examiner, could easily reject us. But he didn't. He was patient and handling the situation professionally by staying calm and focused. After 45 min were able to solve the issue by calling the insurance company and they faxed the document to DMV. Thanks to Phil I was still able to take the road test and pass it! He was just awesome!

Submitted by Rosario91 on 21st Sep 2015

Terrible terrible place. Rude


Terrible terrible place. Rude employees, most likely burning in hell. Racism and tackiness is what you have to deal with in this place. No manners and no respect from those employees.

Submitted by Rosario91 on 21st Sep 2015

Terrible the way those


Terrible the way those employees treat people, especially us Hispanics. Those employees are super rude and with non speaking English people they are even worse. Crap of a place and those white ladies will most likely burn in hell for being so inhumane.

Submitted by virgostar on 5th Aug 2015

I wish I had call 911. The


I wish I had call 911. The instructor was so ride and arrogant. Since It was my first road test, I was already nervous. I came in 5 minutes late because of the road block. Upon my arrival, tI found out that all the consolations my husband had given me about DMV instructors being polite and friendly was a MYTH.The instructor (I wish I knew his name) spoke in a scary and arrogant tone and did not even give direct instructions to us as to where the car should be parked in restricted parking. He literally bullied us and scared us so much i was shaking and started hyperventilating. I was so scared i chose to fail instead of proceeding for road test. Its high time DMV should understand you should not scare people.If u don't like your job, just quit it.

Submitted by youky on 20th Mar 2015

Drove from westford MA too


Drove from westford MA too Lawrence em, waited in line for a hearing,only to be told they aren't taking anymore hearings

Submitted by nicki on 17th Apr 2015

you have to go to the

you have to go to the courthouse for that.....its the dept of cars not law..

Submitted by Tich on 19th Mar 2015

Absolutely crazy estimated


Absolutely crazy estimated wait time to register a travel trailer . Omg 2 hours well as of right now and there is still like ten people with my letter in front of me . There is no way it should take this long.

Submitted by dmcfadden on 18th Dec 2014

This is long overdue, but I


This is long overdue, but I need to complement Sandra, one of the clerks/tellers at the Lawrence DMV. My daughter went for her learner's permit test last October and she was clearly very nervous, she had already failed a few weeks earlier at the Lowell location with some very callous tellers. Sandra noticed how nervous my daughter was as she was processing her paperwork after her number had been called. She told my daughter to take a deep breath, answer only the questions she was positive on, then go back to the ones she was less sure of so that she could concentrate more on those. She emphasized how you need 18(?) correct to pass, so get the ones you know for sure done first, because that will build your confidence as you go through it and allow you to concentrate on the rest. She actually gave this same advice to one of my sons and it worked as well! You can tell she really cares about her job and the kids going to their license the first time! She is a bright spot in what many often think is a bad experience at the DMV!

Submitted by angryamericans on 1st Dec 2014

This was a HORRIBLE place to


This was a HORRIBLE place to go to try and get my daughter's learner's permit!!!! We waited an hour and a half just to get a number. Were told they might not accept one of her papers, so the woman went to check. She was gone for ten minutes while the entire line waited, then came back and said they would take it. This was a relief since we had already wasted another whole frustrating day before and made sure we had what they TOLD US TO BRING!!!!!We got our number then waited another 45 minutes just to be told by a very rude woman they wouldn't take it!!!! When I asked why, since another person already accepted it, the least helpful teller on Earth wouldn't even answer me!!! Then she snidely tells me to "step aside" as my daughter is an adult or she'll call security!! You wouldn't need it if you were even a tiny bit nice!! Yeah, she's a teenager who JUST turned 18 and has never done any of this stuff in her life!!!! Needless to say we left without what we came for after three hours and being treated like animals because my daughter doesn't know what to say!!! No other "business" in the U.S.A. could get away with treating their customers they way the RMV/DMV does and get away with it!!!! It's a disgusting abuse of power you little, angry, jerks!!!!!! If you don't like your job and you don't want to help people, QUIT and go work in a factory somewhere away from the general public!!!

Submitted by happy_driver on 9th Oct 2014

After the very first fallure


After the very first fallure in Brookline Driving School, I've decided never to have a deal with Russians anymore. So I've just booked an appointment, appeared on time, waited for 10 mins approx and complete my driving test in 5 minutes. I've done TONS of failures, forgot the direction to turn the wheels on a hill w/o curb - but PASSED! The instructor was very kind, he helped me all the time. The most important thing seems to be to buckle up and to watch the road signs. And obey a traffic light, of course!

Submitted by NEVER AGAIN. on 4th Sep 2014

Absolutely ridiculous! !!


Absolutely ridiculous! !! Waited 2 hours and had to leave because I was never called
Up in time. Then called their phone number next day and automated phone said wait time was 1 hour so it held my place in line promising a call back once my turn came up after an hour. Would you believe the call back came 7 1/2 hours later!,! (Noticed their phone number on my caller id )...Then the phone rang 2 times only, I picked up and nobody there, they hung up! Is this some kind of sick joke?!? Will report to higher authorities and file a complaint. Stay away from this place, very upsetting.