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I'm Jordan, a blogger that will help you keep up with the latest news in the world of cars and the automotive industry. I am a passionate car enthusiast. I write all sorts of articles related to car reviews, automotive trends, useful tips for drivers, and the DMV. I developed my creative writing skills in college, and now I enjoy expressing myself as a blogger and sharing my thoughts with a global audience.

New Report from the NRC Suggests Continuation of Federal Incentives for EVs

A new report from the National Research Center (NRC) highlights the biggest factors that are necessary for a faster adoption of electric vehicles once again: reduced vehicle cost, more efficient batteries, and making consumers more familiar with the technology.

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ChargePoint to Offer Charging Solutions for Apartment Buildings

Charging an electric vehicle can be a bit of a problem for those who live in apartments, since they don't have access to a charger that they could use overnight.

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Automakers and Tech Companies Form a Coalition for the Advancement of Autonomous Vehicle and Connected-Car Technologies

Most car makers nowadays are focused on in-car connectivity and autonomous driving technology, in addition to safety technologies, since they are considered to be the key aspects that will shape the future of the auto industry. In order to make these technologies widely available as soon as possible, a strong legislative and regulatory action is needed, and that's exactly what a newly formed coalition aims to achieve.

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Bans on Texting While Driving Help Reduce Crash-Related Injuries, Study Shows

Although there are distracted driving laws in almost all U.S. states, they vary greatly between states in terms of how strict the bans and how tough the penalties are, and in terms of the way they are being enforced.

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Young Female Drivers Most Susceptible to Texting While Driving, Study Finds

The fact that young drivers are particularly susceptible to distractions has been known for a long time, but up until now, no one has attempted to create a more specific profile of a person who is most likely to get distracted while behind the wheel.

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Los Angeles Most Congested City in the U.S., Study Shows

Traffic in Los Angeles has never been particularly good, and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year. In fact, a new study shows that it is one of the cities with the worst traffic in the world, and the most congested city in the United States.

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Distracted Driving Leading Cause of Car Accidents for Teen Drivers, AAA Study Shows

Mostly due to their inexperience, teen drivers are at greater risk of getting into a car crash than older drivers. In the past, the most common factors behind crashes involving teen drivers used to be fatigue and drunk driving, but lately, they have been replaced by another risky driving behavior – distracted driving, which has become an epidemic on U.S. roadways.

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Leading Auto Experts Predict the Future of Autonomous Vehicles, Expecting Them to Become Reality in About 10 Years

Driverless cars are widely regarded as the future of the automotive industry, but at the moment, they are surrounded by many questions, in terms of when exactly they will be commercially available, which manufacturer will be the first to bring an autonomous vehicle to the market, whether they will really be as safe as proponents of autonomous driving technology claim, and how they will affect society as a whole.

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Almost Half of All U.S. Drivers Are Over 50, the Federal Highway Administration Says

The fact that younger Americans are far less interested in driving than older generation has been known for a while now, due to a series of factors that include increased environmental awareness, the rise of car-sharing and ride-sharing, as well as unfavorable economic conditions. This is starting to reflect in age demographics among drivers on U.S.

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Federal Agencies Aiming to Cut Carbon Emissions by Expanding the Fleet of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

In addition to encouraging consumers to buy green vehicles through various incentives, the U.S. government is also taking a more hands-on approach as it tries to cut carbon emissions and reduce air pollution.

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