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DMV Satisfaction Survey – The Best and Worst DMVs in America

While the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may not be known for excellent customer service, some states perform better than others. To help compare, has completed its National DMV Satisfaction Survey to analyze the quality of customer service at the DMV. The data, which compares customer satisfaction levels across the U.S.A., was collected over a 10-month time period. The best and worst performing states are outlined in the map below:

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Honda's New Smart Home Project

Honda Smart Home Charge Station Although Honda is a company that is best known for their cars and motorcycles, the company has started to venture into other, non-vehicle based projects.

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Potential Customer Credit Card Breach at California DMV

DMV Credit Card Breach

Most DMVs offer various transactions online, to be more efficient, reduce long lines and wait times, and make it easier for customers to renew their license plate stickers, their driver's licenses, and ID cards.

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How to Calculate the Effect of a Car Accident on Your Insurance Rate

If you get into a car accident, a report will be added to your driving record. Auto insurance providers do not look favorably on tickets and at-fault accidents. While it is well understood that an auto accident can raise your insurance premiums, there are a lot of questions about “how much?” To answer this question, has created the Car Accident Insurance Calculator.

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Problems When Renting a Car

Renting a CarRenting a car is a practical thing to do when going on a business trip or on a vacation with your family. Renting a car at your destination is often more convenient than using your own car.

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Parents: Does Your Car Seat Fit?

Child Car SeatChild car seats are an essential tool for keeping your children safe in the car. Car seats provide excellent protection in the event of a car accident. Because of their role, car seats come with strict regulations for design and installation.

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Can Hydrogen-Powered Public Transport Become a Reality?

Tuk TukWhile electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are a few years away from becoming a mainstream, there are other types of alternative-fuel vehicles that may turn out to be much more economical and environmentally-friendly.

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DMV Study: Why some states have longer wait times at the DMV

As a response to decreased customer satisfaction with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), has conducted a study to examine DMV wait times. The study, which was conducted over an 8-month period, was designed to highlight the differences in service quality across states. The results are compiled by state, and are illustrated in the graphical-map below. The study revealed that the average American will wait 44 minutes before receiving service at the DMV, while the average wait time for a given state is 34 minutes.

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Electric Cars Are Not Equally Popular in All States

Charging Electric Cars on the StreetState laws and regulations play a major role when it comes to the adoption of electric cars in the U.S. In order to help bring electric cars to the mainstream, various states offer incentives to encourage drivers to purchase alternative-fuel vehicles.

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Traffic Cameras May Change the Way We Register Our Vehicles

Automated Enforcement Systems Can Change Driving Regulations

Law enforcement agencies can use all of the help that they can get in their efforts to keep our roads safe. A lot of tools and tax dollars are used in accomplishing this goal. Lately, automated enforcement has proven to be a very effective option. Automated enforcement allows authorities to monitor and enforce traffic safety laws in a cost efficient manner.

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