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I'm Jordan, a blogger that will help you keep up with the latest news in the world of cars and the automotive industry. I am a passionate car enthusiast. I write all sorts of articles related to car reviews, automotive trends, useful tips for drivers, and the DMV. I developed my creative writing skills in college, and now I enjoy expressing myself as a blogger and sharing my thoughts with a global audience.

Uber Survey Says Their Drivers Earn More Than Cab Drivers

Despite all the problems it has faced in the past several months, Uber has remained one of the most popular transportation options for commuters all around the world, and especially in the United States.

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California Plans to Cut Oil Use By 50 Percent by 2030

California is way ahead of other U.S. states – and many countries around the world, for that matter – in the clean energy race, with specific regulations that require utilities to get a significant portion of their electricity from renewable sources, and with authorities that encourage innovative and progressive thinking.

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2014 Was Another Good Year for Green Car Sales

Alternative fuel vehicles have gained a lot of traction in recent years, with sales growing steadily year after year, mostly thanks to high gas prices, increased environmental awareness, and the availability of a wider range of green car models at more affordable prices.

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Model for Detecting Aggressive Driving Developed in Spain

Aggressive driving is a serious problem on U.S. roadway, that jeopardizes the safety of drivers and other road users. In addition to fatalities and injuries caused by aggressive driving, this risky driving behavior inflicts massive economic costs to society, with the National Safety Council estimating them to be just over $40 billion a year.

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Less Than 50% of New Cars Will Be Powered by Gasoline Engines by 2017, Report Says

The global trend towards cleaner cars has been getting stronger year after year, with many countries imposing stricter emission standards in a bid to curb greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of vehicles on global warming. This trend has led to commercialization of alternative fuel vehicles - primarily plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars, which are considered to be the best alternative to gasoline-powered cars.

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How Oil Affects the Cost of Gas at the Pumps

When oil prices started to plunge a couple of months ago, it became obvious that car owners will start saving some money at the pump, but it wasn't clear exactly how much they.

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Younger, Male Drivers Have Higher Crash Survival Rates, Study Shows

With over 30,000 traffic fatalities a year, motor vehicle crashes are one of the most common causes of death in the United States, with a number of factors contributing to the risk of accident, such as driver behavior, driver skill, and vehicle design, among others. These factors also affect a person's chances of surviving a car crash, and a new study shows just how they affect crash survival rates.

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Workplace Charging Could Help Make Electric Vehicles Commonplace

The scarcity of charging stations has been one of the leading reasons for the relatively slow acceptance of electric vehicles in the United States for years now, and it's clear that they will not become mainstream until more stations where they can be recharged are put in place.

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Best New Cars for 2015

The start of a new year brings a host of new models to the car market, equipped with the latest innovations in vehicle safety and high-tech connectivity and performance features.

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