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Smart Roads Can Help Fix America's Crumbling Infrastructure

US roadsIt's no secret that the infrastructure in the U.S. get worse with each passing year, due to the fact that transportation spending has been decreasing for decades, and because the number of vehicles adding extra load on roads has been increasing constantly.

Add new comment Study: Millennials Desire a Digital DMV conducted a study to find out what future generations want their Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to look like. Findings were taken from an 8-month survey on This is what we found:

Privatization - 80% of respondents under the age of 18 were open to outsourcing some DMV services to 3rd parties. The next age bracket (18 - 34) came in at 72%. The older the respondent, the less open they were to privatizing DMV services.

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Is Distracted Driving the Biggest Road Safety Issue of Our Generation?

Distracted driving has emerged as the most important road safety issue in recent years. As with most safety trends, it took a while for distracted driving to be accepted as a legitimate concern and regulations continue to meet resistance in some cases. Below, we have set out to examine the underlying trends, costs, and efficacy of current bans relating to distracted driving.

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Who or What Gets a Ticket in a Self-Driving Car?

Traffic signalAlthough Google's self-driving car, among others, is years away from being commercially available, there is a debate over the legislative implications it will have.

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Old Tires Could Be Used For Building Roads

a bunch of tiresAmerica's roads have been in a pretty poor condition for a long time, with plenty of potholes and cracks that drivers all across the country have to try

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Choosing the Best Car Financing Option

Given that buying a car is a very important purchase, and usually the second most expensive one after buying a home, people have to take many things into consideration and think carefully about how much you can afford to pay for a new car, by taking into account the overall ownership costs, including insurance, maintenance, fuel costs, and deprecation, in addition to the purchase price.

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WSU Researchers Develop Sensor For Detecting Drowsy Drivers

Driving Drowsy SignEach year, over 100,000 car crashes are caused by drowsy drivers, which result in 40,000 injuries and over 1,500 deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which makes drowsy driving one of the most common causes of car accidents.

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California Looking for Ways to Create a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Infrastructure

California Fuel Cell PartnershipCalifornia has traditionally been one of the states that are most willing to adopt and promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles, trying to increase demand for electric and hybrid vehicles through various incentives, investments in

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DMV Satisfaction Survey – The Best and Worst DMVs in America

While the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may not be known for excellent customer service, some states perform better than others. To help compare, has completed its National DMV Satisfaction Survey to analyze the quality of customer service at the DMV. The data, which compares customer satisfaction levels across the U.S.A., was collected over a 10-month time period. The best and worst performing states are outlined in the map below:

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Honda's New Smart Home Project

Honda Smart Home Charge Station Although Honda is a company that is best known for their cars and motorcycles, the company has started to venture into other, non-vehicle based projects.

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