Office Rating


1 N Main St
Alburg, Vermont 05440


802-796-3468 / Fax: (802) 796-3939

Office Hours

Mon - Thu 9am - 5pm / Fri 9am - 12md

Available Services

accept cash, check or money orders, please no cards
Dog Licensing
-Yearly requirement
-Rabies certificate required
-$10-$14 if done before April 1 or $12-$16 if done after
Marriage Licenses
-$60 fee
DMV Renewals
-If under 2 months expired
-Require cash, check, or money order to DMV
-$3 office fee
Certificates of Marriages/Deaths/Births That Occurred in Town or By Residents
-$10 for certified copy
-$1 per page for land record documents
-25¢ per page up to 49
-10_x005F_x005F_x0082_¢ per page for 50+ pages
-5_x005F_x005F_x0083__x005F_x005F_x0082_¢ for non-profits
-3_x005F_x005F_x0082_¢ for non-profits with their own paper
-$1 per page outgoing
-25¢ per page incoming
Recording Land Record Documents
-$10 per page to record / $10 mobile home bills of sale
Hunting/Fishing Licenses
-For both State residents and nonresidents
Scanning/Emailing Documents
-50¢ per page
Posting of Land
-$5 fee
Genealogy Research
-$5 fee if performed by office staff
-$2 per hour for public
Burn Permits
-Free of charge and can be given over the phone
Voter Registrations
Green Mountain Passports (free admission to VT State Parks)
-Must be 62+ years old or a military veteran

DMV Payment Options

Checks and money orders for the correct amount only - cash will not be accepted for renewal fees.