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California Vehicle History Reports (VIN reports) by


California Vehicle History Reports (VIN reports) by

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, getting a vehicle history report can save you time and money down the line. A vehicle history report, or a VIN check, is a detailed document that provides you with information about the history of a car, boat, truck or RV.

This information can impact your decision when purchasing a used car. It may look fine from the outside, but with a VIN number check, you may learn information that the seller is leaving out. Trusted Partner: instaVIN

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How do I check a VIN number history?

Instantly download the most up-to-date vehicle records with instaVIN®. A comprehensive VIN history report will protect you from any foul play from a seller, such as: reversing the odometer, not disclosing previous repairs, or hiding accidents that may have damaged the frame of the vehicle.

instaVIN®’s direct link to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVITS) allows them to provide you with the most extensive report in real time.

Many states legally require used car buyers to purchase the car's vehicle history report. instaVIN® also offers reports for motorcycles, classic cars, heavy trucks and recreational vehicles. Click here to find out if your state requires you to get a report.

When you download a vehicle history and title report from instaVIN® you will receive:

  • Current State of Title Information
  • Historical Title Information
  • Disclosure of Brand History on Title
    • Flood
    • Salvage
    • Odometer Rollback
    • 61 Possible Problem Events,
  • Odometer Information
  • Information on Previous Accidents
  • Open Lien/Loan Information Including: Issuing Financial Institution
  • Impound & Towing Events
  • Active Theft Data

instaVIN® is affordable and ensures that you receive up-to-date information on your next preowned vehicle. Start the process, and get your VIN report today.

What is a VIN check?

With so many used vehicles on the market today, it’s difficult to be certain which are safe and reliable. One way to insure you are purchasing the right vehicle is by ordering a California motor vehicle history report. Without going to a mechanic, you can learn a great deal about what is underneath the hood of a car.

A vehicle goes through a lot over its lifetime. California keeps records on important information such as:

Title Data
Last Title date, who currently holds the title, and how many other title holders the vehicle has had.

Odometer Mileage
How many miles the car had at the last time of registration.

Accident Reports
If the vehicle has been in any reported accidents, then a California car history report will include this information.

Registration Data
A California car registration record gives you a detailed account of where the car was previously registered and to whom it was registered to.

Liens and Loans
This includes any current liens or loan information still affecting a vehicle. It is important to know if a financial institution still has a claim on an automobile.

Impound and towing
Whether a vehicle has been impounded or towed can indicate future mechanical trouble. A car might have been towed during a breakdown, or might have sat in an impound lot for an extended period of time.

Why should I check a VIN number?

A vehicle identification number is the best way to learn about the accidents and repairs a vehicle went through. The way a car looks doesn’t indicate how it will run in the future, so look under the hood with a detailed VIN report.

Click here to instantly check a VIN number.

How to Make a Sale with a VIN Number Check

If you are selling a used vehicle, a prospective buyer will want to know the vehicle’s history before he or she purchases it. You can save time by having a California vehicle history report ready to address any questions and concerns a buyer might have. By showing your used car or motorcycle is in great condition, you have a better chance of getting your asking price.

How to Check VIN Numbers if You Are Buying a Car

The biggest reason to obtain a California vehicle history report is if you plan on buying a used car. It is important to collect all the information you can on a car’s history to insure it is reliable and safe to drive on the road. A DMV motor vehicle report will give you a better understanding of the car you are planning to buy.

What is a VIN number?

Every car has a vehicle identification number (VIN). The DMV uses this unique number to identify and keep a California VIN history on every registered vehicle. By tracking a car’s history with the VIN, a detailed vehicle history report can be generated. VIN history lookups are available to the public to collect information about an automobile.

Educate yourself with a California DMV motor vehicle report before you commit to buying a used vehicle.

If You Cannot Locate a VIN

Not being able to locate a VIN number history is a red flag. It could indicate that the seller has illegally switched numbers, that it is a salvaged vehicle, or another reason to hide the vehicle’s history. recommends that you do not purchase a vehicle when you cannot find the VIN number.

Click here to instantly download the most up-to-date vehicle records.