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DMV Records and Reports Guide by’s section for DMV Records and Reports helps drivers keep track of their personal and vehicle records. Our certified partners track critical data about credit ratings, vehicle histories, motor vehicle records and more. These reports allow you to screen vehicles, potential employees and even your neighbours to make sure you, your family and your assets stay safe.

There are unique benefits to each of the different reports offered by; partners and the important information they contain could save you thousands of dollars. Here are a few simple examples of how having the right records will give you information you need to know.

  • Motor Vehicle Record / Driving Record - A simple mistake on your driving record could mean you are paying extra insurance premiums every month for years
  • Credit Reports - allow you to understand the interest rates lenders are charging you and let you demand the appropriate rates
  • Vehicle History Reports – purchasing used cars is hazardous. Having a Vehicle History / VIN Report can save you thousands of dollars in repairs by helping you avoid problem cars and lemons
  • Background Checks - find out detailed information about potential employees, babysitters, neighbours and more to make sure your business and family is safe.

Our Partners

Driving Records by

Backgroundchecks is the ONLY provider of the instant driving record / MVR. With perfect accuracy they can find your driving record and present it to you online instantly. No waiting in line at the DMV office so you can make sure you’re getting treated fairly by auto insurance companies and potential employers. Their service is the fastest and simplest driving record reporting available. They also have criminal and employment checks available as well.

Vehicle History Reports by instaVIN

instaVIN is a leading brand in the vehicle history / VIN reporting market. instaVIN reports offer more information, better attention to detail and better pricing than Carfax reports. instaVIN is the gold standard for vehicle reports so you can be confident in the car you are purchasing.

Credit Reports by

You need to know your credit rating and score in order to effectively manage your finances. Your credit rating has a huge impact on your life and freecreditreport offers the service free of charge. These reports are a household name that is known for being reliable and easy to understand.

Background Checks by Intelius

Intelius is endorsed by the National Child Safety Foundation and provides a great tool to help protect yourself or your family. Intelius is widely regarded as the industry leader in background checks. Not only is the end product high quality but Intelius has a proven record being one of the top 100 websites on the internet and a leader in online public records information.