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New York Driver's License Manual

In order to apply for your Driver's License you must first pass a written test. The driver's manual is the book that provides the information you need to know in order to pass your written test and to get your driver's permit. It is important to read the manual because Section 2 and 3 have pertinent information necessary to pass this test.

Information Covered in the Manual

The manual provides information regarding different types of licenses, state traffic laws, road signs, safe driving information and regulations - all of which will help you drive safely and successfully. For example:

  • You must pull over and stop at the side of the road for any emergency vehicle with its lights or sirens on
  • Signs in yellow with black lettering and symbols are usually warning signs

Sections of the Manual

There are several chapters within each part of the manual. The 3 major sections include:
  1. Information about licenses and owning a vehicle
  2. Traffic laws and regulations
  3. Safe driving suggestions
You can download a copy of the Driver's Manual for more detailed information.

Where to Get a Hard Copy of the Manual

Check the New York DMV official site for an online copy of the manual and practice quizzes for each chapter OR the manual is available to purchase at any DMV office.


As well as reading the manual, It is important to review all information regarding acquiring a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Please use the following links to gain more knowledge about the licensing process.

Reviews of New York Driver's License Manual

My Drive´s License expired at 2005 and I did not renew it. I was living at Brazil S.A. all those years. I have a Passport with a valid I-551 Stamp and also a Social Security Card. I have a New York State adress. What do I need more to aply for a new Drive´s License? Thank You.

Hi,would you find finding a website that has a practice quiz .

its not letting me take the practice test

justtt tryin to get my permit

can i still pay for my permitt had done online through the school in 2005?



this helps mi alot

I want to take the test practice

i want to take the drivig test practice

my name is james morrison jr and i am struggling tom pass the test get my permit no matter how many times i take the test i can never pass it.

go to the dvm drivers manual test practice on the website and they are the same exact questions that are on the test

i want to learn to drive

you get the drivers permit at 16

Hello my name is Eddie..i juss got my learners permit wud i have to wait til im 17 or can i take the test for my juniors license soon?

u gotta take the 5 hour course b4 getting ur license

I would like to know how much is it to take the wriiten and the five hour driving class?

your doing good

hi,my name is cristina.I haved a question.Im 19 years old,what should I do first take thet written test or theh one thah I haved too drive.Which one should I take first,and what documents I need when I go to theh DMV OFFICE.

social security and birth certificate and you have to take the written test they know that you kno the rules of the road first you can only get 6 wrong

if i pay for the written test once do i have to pay again

you only pay for the written test if you pass and if you dnt pass then you shouldnt have to pay for it

im 15 and a half can i get my permit

thank you

i want to get my dirvers permit...

would they let me take the test at the age of 15?

did they let u take the test at 15

do you have to pay for the written test before or after u take the test?

you take the test first if you pass then you pay according to your age.


i am trying to get me permit

trying to obtain my permit

Do i have to have a permit to attend driving school?

I want To Get My Permit

i need to take the test

can i take the practice test now?

Hey my name is Mina and im 19 yrs old ..can i get 6 points by bringing my new york state ID, birth certificate and a parent?