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Arden Hills North Metro DVS - Map, Hours, Contact

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Arden Hills North Metro DVS Address

Interstate 35W and County Road I Saint Paul MN 55112

Arden Hills North Metro DVS Hours

Monday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Saturday: Close
Sunday: Close

Arden Hills North Metro DVS Contact Information

Phone #: (651) 639-4057

Arden Hills North Metro DVS Holidays

New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day , Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, Christmas Day

Arden Hills North Metro DVS Services

  • Registration
  • Titling
  • Plates
  • Driver's License
  • Identification Cards
  • Written Test
  • Road Test

Payment Methods available at this location

  • Cash

  • Check

Reviews of Arden Hills North Metro DVS

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My instructor was pretty nice. He was an Asian guy. But the freaking intersection you can't even see the damn light. I saw the hoe everyone is talking about ... the one with the sunglasses. She almost came to me. I nearly had a heart attack. But I failed cause I ran red light It wasn't the places fault. But my instructor must have been blind kept telling me look at the mirrors when I was already looking at them. P.S random trucks driving.


The middle aged woman who is on the larger side is a complete bitch, and I mean I truly tried to be polite with her. Taking the test with her drained my life energy because she was so depressing and clearly hated her job. I do not recommend Arden Hills for the road test just in the off-chance you run into this depressed individual.


This was the second time I have taken the road test. I'm not good at tests and get very nervous. However, right from the start, my instructor was a total bitch. First, she snapped at me when I was adjusting my side mirrors. 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT!" I said, "I'm adjusting the mirrors. Someone else was driving this car." Then she told me to start the car and and turn right, which I did, and then she yelled STOP THE CAR, so I stopped the car. She was yanking at her seat belt and asked me why I went when she wasn't buckled in--I'm like, you told me to go! Then she said the seat belt was broken. I explained to her that you have to pull from the bottom and she just kept yanking, so I tried to help and she screamed at me not to touch her. Finally, she let me fix it for her. Then she mentioned how many pillows I had behind me. The seat adjustment doesn't work on my car. Then, still parked, she proceeded to lecture me about my first test, smacking the directions on her lap, and yelling about blind spots. At that point, I was so freaked out, there was no way I was going to pass. I fucked up parallel parking, even though I tried to take deep breaths and go slow, but she was doing this thing where she would make a big deal of whipping her head and shoulders around to look behind us, in front of us, and to the side of us. When I paused to recalibrate, again, she yelled , 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Now I see what everyone on this forum was saying about Arden Hills. I feel like total shit now.


We made an appointment and were a little early. It was not busy. We had an out of date proof of insurance and the drive up person was very helpful with a solution, and gave us a fax number for our insurer to send a copy. The tester was also calm, courteous, and offered a little advice at the end of the test. After reading the other reviews, I had zero expectation of a pleasant experience. I have to say that for a DMV test course office, we were met with helpful, nice people. It was our second try at a license, and we passed. I would not have been angry had we failed.


Hi All,

I have a driver's license since 2008 from my country and therefore have been driving for long time. However, I was recently tested in this station and somehow failed the exam for a reason that didn't make sense to me. As lots of you will notice the lanes of mutual directions are totally erased for some reason and the examiners assume that these imaginary lanes are there and you have to use your flash while switching between them. Thus, it becomes a bit subjective when should you use your flash or not for slight movements inside the direction you are moving at..and very easy for the examiners to a reason to fail you. I was disqualified because I suppose I didn't use my flash to switch between these fictitious lanes that I initially didn't even know they "exist". To my opinion, it is gross for a test station not to have its station properly modelled. On the other hand, in the sheet that I got back, the examiner mentioned that I failed because I didn't use my flash while switching between clearly marked (!!!!!!!) lanes. But there were no marks lol !!!!!! Why would the examiner write that??? This comment makes me a bit skeptical about the decision the examiner made...In case you are taking your exam careful about the imaginary lanes!


Worst place you could possibly take it. I was coming up to an uncontrolled intersection so i began to slow down and a car was coming across from my right side so i began slowing down more and then the instructor yells stop at me and tells me that I was failing to yield. And then at the end of the test he told me that because he had to say stop it was an automatic fail... Worst part was that after that happened he still had me finish the course and did not fill out the sheet for how I did on the rest of the course. The guy did not make any sort of conversation either. He just sat there and said left and right and park here. Very disappointed with my experience. Highly recommend not going here.


Upon listening to my daughter tell me of her experience at the AH DMV, I am in TOTAL agreement with everyone of the reviews EXCEPT the positive review. There are people in this state that would love to go to work everyday to support themselves, there families and be a contributing factor to there city. The instructors at this DMV, and you know exactly who your are, do not deserve to have your jobs. Bringing your bad day, sorry state of affairs to the workplace and dishing your bad attitude to the individuals who you are instructing and who are also paying your salaries is TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE !! To the person who hired these individuals, may I suggest you figure out a WINNING job placement application to those who will bring a POSITIVE experience EVERYDAY and not just when they feel like, take a good look around and fix the errors happening here. This many negative reviews is not something to be proud of.


Great vending machinex

That was so funny it made me chortle!!


The instructor for the road test was late by an hour. My daughter did great on the whole test except for a slight tap of the pole in the 90 degree reverse turn and the instructor failed her. When did they stop using points for the test? Her driving instructor told her that she would only get a few points off if she hit any in that turn. This 90 degree was into a grassy area that caused her car to slip and slide. I am very disappointed in the staff and course setup.


Crappiest place in the world. Building smelled like crap. Everyone always fails.


I honestly have so many problems with this DMV. Not only does this DMV take forever to mail out new drivers licenses and identification cards but they are notorious for being rude during driving exam. My husband has now failed multiple times. The first few times we could understand as the were big mistakes such as smacking a pole while parking and what not. This time he was told he did not maintain enough distance between him and people walking on the road test... Not only did I watch him clearly slow down, he made sure they were clear before he made his turn! Yet he failed again! I have always despised this DMV and they are not giving me any reasons to start liking them. They are totally disrespectful! Next time I'll drive farther from my home for a better DMV!


I went in for my test today and failed. I thought the road test was pretty easy, but it was the one way road which got me. So that was an automatic fail for me, but did great on everything else. They also did not plow the roads yet, so it was difficult to see the roads. Other than that, I didn't have a bad experience here. My instructor was very nice and helpful. Remember, if you know how to drive you'll be good. Practice makes perfect!


Going in I had very low expectations given the reviews on this place. But my experience was beyond horrific. I have never felt so disrespected by another human being and I have lived and worked many places all over the world. I took my brother there and we waited an entire day; from 7am to 4pm. We were the last car when the instructor, a heavy set middle age, white woman with glasses approached us after failing the last person (came to find out later that she failed this girl and told her she didn't like her from get go) and told us it was near closing time and she doesn't get paid overtime so we would have to come back some other day. We told her one of the other instructors, a man, told us to wait and he will take us shortly. She asked for our papers as to suggest she was going to do the test herself, but instead took the papers and told us to leave. after protesting and demanding she return our papers, she rudely told us that she is a state employee and had the right to take away the papers as they were her property. It felt infuriating to just be told to leave after waiting 8 and 1/2 hours for a test. Even worse, to have someone belittle you and talk down to you was extremely unpleasant. We instead remained calm and waited for the male instructor to return. He came back and as he was approaching us, the same woman came on the speakers from inside the building telling the man "Vern, do not do their test. It is done. They need to come back another day". Vern, like a good soldier, obliged, but felt bad for us. He offered us an appointment the next day. Meanwhile, she continued to talk over the loud speakers repeating over and over "Do not to not take them for a road test. She met him at the door and chastised him for talking to us and from what we can see even shamed him for offering us an appointment. When he returned with the appointment, we asked for her name, but he refused to give us, which speaks to the culture of this place and lack of accountability.

We left feeling embarrassed and disrespected. It was hard to explain to a young man why someone would behave in a such a way. This woman was everything that is wrong with humanity and its unfortunate that she chose to be a driver instructor. There are certain skills required of one to be a civil servant. She is a horrible human being and in my opinion should be fired. But from reading other comments, it appears she has a track record of being rude, unprofessional and even "racist". If that is the case, I urge the people in charge of this place to seriously looking in to this woman's behavior and what its doing to this establishment.


This place sucked. DO NOT go here to take your driver's test unless you want to FAIL. The instructors are rude and unprofessional. They all seem to be in a rush and I'm just here like, "where the fuck y'all wanna go to so fast?" They seem to hate their job and never want to help you pass. FYI: If you get a lady who wears sunglasses, has bucked teeth, brunette hair, looks around to be the age of 40, and is average fat in size, then I suggest you kick her ass out of your car. She was a total bitch who was probably on her period. I just don't understand why she would choose to be a drivers instructor if she was going to be a bitch most of the time. She was rude, unprofessional, heartless, and I don't know what was going on in her mind, but she needs to get her shit together. In my honest opinion, driving instructors are supposed to be kind and professional, not bitchy, rude, mean, and unprofessional. She should get fired and find another job. She was probably racist too because if I was white, she wouldn't have acted the way she did towards me. The fuck with this bitch. Who the hell does she think she is? I don't know, but I pray for her nasty soul. Anyways, back on with the main question. SHOULD I TAKE MY ROAD TEST AT ARDEN HILL, MN? Hell to the fucking no. Try Plymouth's road test. There roads seem to be much more clearer and their routes are much more cleaner. The Arden Hill roads aren't barely visible, and they REALLY REALLY need to repaint their roads and place STOP SIGNS on the intersection areas. AND to make another area for their handicap to park at. Like why would they have their handicap parking right on the intersection road? That is just plain stupid. No wonder I couldn't see the intersection road, they really need to get their shit together. From what I've heard, a lot of people failed their drivers test at this area because in a simple sentence, it simply sucked and did no justice to help you work on what you didn't do well at. DON'T GO HERE, listen to my advice and go somewhere else, because this road test isn't worth your time. I'm sure you'll pass fine at another area.

I think that's the instructor I had today.


The process and driving examination at the Arden Hills DMV is frustrating and not "driver friendly" to say the least. We (my teenage son was doing the exam) arrived at the wait-gate at 5:15 A.M. We were 5th in line. When the gate was opened at 6:00 A.M., a car several cars back, budged into the line 2 cars ahead of us (instead of waiting for the front car to go around a deserted vehicle in the line). At 7:30 A.M., the registration process began. The 3rd car in line did not move forward because the licensed driver was inside the DMV building using the restroom. Yep, you guessed it... the same car that budged earlier went around just as the licensed driver was getting back into the car. I thought that this was a pretest on what causes road-rage, but seriously, send people like this to the end of the line. No one confronted this individual, which was the civil (and safe) thing to do.
This was my son's 2nd test as he failed on the first one at this location. The examiner for the 2nd test indicated he was the brother or relative of my son's first examiner (what are the chances?). There was 1 mistake indicated on this 2nd test (turning from the wrong turnlane, which my son acknowledged as it was happening). He was told to "keep driving anyway" as it was happening, which he did. He failed the test based on this infraction. Meanwhile, I witnessed a teenage driver (concluding his test) drive up on the curb while parking the car on the side of the road nearest the DMV building. He passed the test. I am questioning the consistency of the examiners doing these tests. My daughter passed the first time at this location, and there were 3 infractions. The same number of infractions occured with my daughter's friend; she also received her license. These infractions were commuicated verbally, and not written on the test form. Is my son just an inexperienced driver who needs more practice behind the wheel? In my opinion, a majority of teen drivers could use more practice behind the wheel Are the examiners rating, passing or failing all drivers in a consistent manner? Not so sure. Thank you for reading this feedback.

I was told by my drivers instructor that at AH they pass or fail you based on whether or not they think you will be a good driver once you hit the road regardless of the number of infractions you have


Worst DMV. Slow and rude