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200 Duke Street
Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678



Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Available Services

The only services available at this office are:
Renew MD Driver's License (you must have your current MD license with you)
Apply for a Photo Identification Card (for non-drivers only)
Obtain Driving Records
Return Tags
Convert Out-of-State Driver's License
Convert Provisional Driver's License
Corrected and Duplicate Driver's Licenses
Convert Profile Driver's License
Duplicate Driver's License
Obtain Disability Placards
Learners Permit Tests
Salesman License
CDL Learners Permits
CDL Corrected and Duplicate Driver's Licenses
Commercial Driver's Skills Test (CDL) -
CDL Holders - must visit a Full Service MVA branch office.

Special accommodations (ADA)

1-800-492-4575 TTY for the Hearing Impaired