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Pennsylvania Registration Stickers Info

Info on how to get your Pennsylvania registration sticker.

If your vehicle's year sticker is lost, stolen or damaged, you are required to obtain a replacement sticker. To obtain a duplicate registration card and/or renewal sticker, you will have to complete the Application for Duplicate Registration, Replacement of Registration Plate, Renewal Sticker or Weight Class Sticker or Transfer of Registration' (Form MV-44) and pay the appropriate fee, currently $17. Submit the application at your local DOT office. You can also mail the application to:

Department of Transportation

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Harrisburg, PA 17104-2516

For any vehicle-related questions about replacement registration card, license plates, or stickers, contact the Pennsylvania DOT at (800) 932-4600 if you are within state or at (717) 412-5300 if you are out of state for assistance. Upon passing a safety inspection most passenger cars and light trucks will receive an inspection sticker valid for one year from the month of inspection or one year from the expiration of the current inspection sticker on the vehicle. Since 2005, Pennsylvania no longer requires that the inspection sticker expiration and vehicle registration expiration coincide for annually inspected vehicles. Vehicle owners can request that their inspection and registration expirations match, but this may result in a shortened inspection cycle initially. This chart for annually inspected vehicles can be used to determine whether requesting a coordination of inspection and registration expirations will result in a short inspection cycle.

Note: A vehicle subject to inspection, which has been outside this Commonwealth continuously for 30 days or more and which, at the time of reentering this Commonwealth, does not bear a currently valid certificate of inspection, is not required to be inspected until 10 days after reentering this Commonwealth.

Reviews of Pennsylvania Registration Stickers Info

Received to new registration cards for signature along with the new sticker.

As I was signing them I am not sure which new sticker goes to the correct vehicle. How can I tell?

Received to new registration cards for signature along with the new sticker.

As I was signing them I am not sure which new sticker goes to the correct vehicle. How can I tell?

My car inspection from another state won't expire until January next year. I moved to PA and did the registration without knowing I had to do another car inspection. I got a ticket for not having the inspection sticker on my windshield and have to pay the fine. After receiving the ticket I went to do the new inspection and sent the proof, receipt, etc. to the DOT but the appeal was not approved. Has anyone had similar situation and what did you do? Any suggestion is appreciated.

Is there a way to report someone who is living in another state but is driving on severely expired PA tags? Like a year or more expired? Local law can't do anything about it because the law is being broken in your state.

My current stickers are valid until the end of October. I renewed at the beginning of September. My stickers arrived yesterday but are only valid until the end of August next year. This is 2 months (16.7%) less than a full year. Can you please explain why this is so?

I just bought a new truck plate

Valid 11/07/2014 - Expiry September 30,2015 10 months? I thought the plate is good for a Year?

I called PENDOT : after waiting on hold for 15 minutes : I was told that my pink slip date is 10/28/2014. That is when the clock starts. They count the WHOLE Month of October as the first month. So that 12 months is September 30.

If all possible, register Your vehicle in the first few days of a new month.

What a RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just received my renewed registration but no sticker enclosed in the envelope. Who do I call?

Same thing just happened to me. Did you find out what to do?

same thing.. got my registration card but no sticker, no "window" at all.. im not paying extra for someone's incompetence... who can I call to get this replaced?

My mother claims that she sent the renewal in and we can't find it if it came in .

i would like to know if it was renewed ?it's for a 1991 Dodge Dakota 1b7fl26x7ms205486 tag # Antoinette Duke 247 Royal Road, New Salem, PA 15468

I got my PA registration sticker and went to place it on my plate. I did all the normal steps (cleaned plate; peeled the backing off; applied). However this time when I went to rub it on, the whole sticker broke apart into 6 or so pieces. Is this a normal defect?

What do I do. I do not have my registration card and do not know the numbers that are requested for renewal. I need it by the end of October.

My registration has not arrived in the mail yet, my VIN # 3N1CB51D92L581545 2002 NISSAN SENTRA GXE, what is happening to our DMV System that is supposed to be so trust-worthy, are we having problems with our systems or our Employees just fail to do their work and send out people mails and records in a timely fashion...?

I lost my vehicle registration on my 2004 chevy impala and need to renew it. I did not recieve a renewal notice in the mail.


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