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License Plates and Registration Stickers in Hawaii

Guide on how to get your replacement license plates and registration stickers in Hawaii.

Replacing damaged or lost license plates or license plate stickers is not too difficult or expensive. All you need to do is to plan for an in-person trip and a small fee, no matter which island you live on.

  • Bring the remaining license plate, if available, to a Hawaii DMV or satellite city hall office.
  • Show the clerk your registration and ID.
  • Fill out Form CS-L (MVR) 3. The registered owner must sign this form.
  • Pay the appropriate fee. (The fee, in all counties, is $5 for license plate replacement and 50 cents for the registration stickers).

Those with specialty plates must contact their local DMV for instructions on how to replace their plates. You don't have to complete a new car registration, just pay the replacement fees. Replacement will not extend your vehicle registration.


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