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Ohio Credit Scores – Available for FREE

Free =Ohio Credit Report

Financial institutions look at your credit history when you want to apply for credit in Ohio. It's always a good idea to take note of your credit report and best of all, it’s free once per year.

What is Credit History?

As soon as you first borrow money or apply for credit, your credit history starts. When and how much money you borrowed and repaid, late payments (typically 30+days overdue) and even past bankruptcies are all information recorded in your credit history. Your credit history determines your ‘credit worthiness’. Major lenders including credit card companies, banks, auto loan companies, and mortgage companies all make their mind up on whether or not to give you credit and at what interest rate if so strongly based on your credit history.

Get a Credit Report And Make Yourself Informed

Your credit history contains comprehensive details of your past financial transactions, but then this information is summed up into your credit report. Your credit report influences lenders by determining how much is lent to you and at what interest rate. Your credit worthiness is indicated by a credit score or rating, which usually come with your credit report. Three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) are responsible for supplying these credit reports. They give FICO scores between 300-900.

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How OH Companies Think of Your Credit

Many aspects of your life may be affected by your credit in OH. Anything from applying for a credit card to being eligible for a mortgage, your credit history and credit worthiness is assessed. Lenders decide if you should be authorized for credit or not by looking at your credit. Good credit is crucial.

Get Your Free Credit Scores Now

What is your credit score? Knowing your score is the foremost step to regaining control of your finances and attaining your financial goals. Get all 3 free credit scores in Ohio now.