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California DUI - Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

California DUI - Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

California's DUI laws and regulations are dictated by both the State of California and the California DMV. The state's justice system deals with the criminal charges related to the DUI that can include misdemeanour charges or felony charges and the possibility of probation or jail time. The DMV deals with the fines and drivers license suspensions/revocations caused by a DUI. In order to help you better understand DUI related issues, covers the relevant topics for both the criminal and DMV related charges.


When drivers are arrested for a DUI in California, they are charged with two different counts. The first is driving under the influence of alcohol; the second is a related charge of driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or higher. The latter charge is the one that triggers the California Department of Motor Vehicles DUI case, where the California DMV will attempt to suspend the motorist's driving privileges.

It is important for you or your lawyer to contact the DMV in order to schedule a hearing within 10 days of your arrest otherwise your license will be suspended automatically. You CANNOT contact the DMV to schedule the hearing through this site. However, if you submit your contact information on this page - a free service will have a qualified DUI lawyer who can schedule the hearing contact you.

Contacting and then hiring one the state's qualified California DUI lawyers is also a very important step. In order to effectively defend both your criminal and DMV case you should have the services of an attorney who specializes in DUI charges. As stated above, filling out the following form will trigger a free service that will connect you with a qualified local lawyer contact you regarding your DUI charges.

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  • The SR 22 Financial Responsibility forms article is useful for people who have had their license suspended. It contains information about getting the necessary financial responsibility forms needed to have your license reinstated.
Submitted by shijoyce on 6th Jul 2015


PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE contact me regarding this matter. I admit for my mistake. I am involved in my community, dedicate a lot of my time. I work for WIC program downtown, single mother and it's important for me to keep my driver's license. I've never been in trouble with the law before. I use to work for Fresno Police Department. I need HELP with this. Please.

Submitted by jslovik on 1st Mar 2015

so far for the 8th time I

so far for the 8th time I have tried filing out your form and it keeps telling me it is incomplete there are only a few simple questions . it does not tell me which simple question I did not answer. This a very poorly set up site ans should be removed.

Submitted by Anonymous on 17th Mar 2011

I recieved my first DUI 3-4

I recieved my first DUI 3-4 years ago. Still havent attempted in getting my license back because im under the impression that if i wait it out long enough, i wont have to attend the Drinking and driving courses at the dmv along with paying all the extra fees. hoping i will only have to pay 100 reenstatement fee. is this true? is there a certain amount of time where you are forgiven of some sort?

Submitted by Anonymous on 17th Mar 2011

oh and the DUI took place

oh and the DUI took place when i was 16 years old. i am now 19 turning 20. does anybody know anything about grace periods or anything like that?

Submitted by Anonymous on 29th Jan 2011

3years ago I had my 2nd DUI

3years ago I had my 2nd DUI and I need my driver lic. How long is statu of limitations, or is there one? Can you please let me know. I have not went to DUI school.

Submitted by Anonymous on 25th Jan 2011

can i get the tempery license

can i get the tempery license

Submitted by hyunjuni on 26th Jul 2010

I want to find out what will

I want to find out what will be my next step to get my driver's license back.

I got as wet reckless and my one month suspension from driving will end tomorro(7/27/2010).

Submitted by wa10524 on 22nd Jul 2009

i would like to know what i

i would like to know what i need to get my licence back. i got charged with a dui first one.