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California Department of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours


Click here to find your local California dmv office location



Telephone customer service representatives are available to provide general information from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Wednesday. Pre-recorded general information is available at all other times.

California Department of Motor Vehicles Services

(800) 777-0133 - toll-free, within California

(916) 229-0370 - from out-of-the United States

(800) 368-4327 - TTY (for hearing or speech-impaired individuals)

Alternate phone numbers are available for information about specific topics.


For driver services mail:

Driver License Inquires
Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 942890 
Sacramento, CA 94290-0001    

For vehicle services mail:

Vehicle Registration Operations
Department of Motor Vehicles
P. O. Box 942869 Mail Station E 254
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001    

Non-U.S. Citizens can mail:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Customer Communications C-165
P. O. Box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3450    


You may also contact the DMV via email with specific questions or issues.


The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has locations in all regions throughout the State. Click here to find the DMV office location nearest you.


Apart from visiting DMV locations to schedule your vision, knowledge and road tests, you may also use the DMV website or contact DMV to schedule certain activities in advance:
  • Make a road test appointment, or reschedule an existing appointment.
  • Make an Office Visit appointment for driver services (license, non-driver ID, permit) or vehicle services (title, registration, tags). A maximum of three transactions is allowed to be scheduled online.
  • Call the DMV at (800) 777-0133 to schedule appointments (if you have more than three transactions, or need to make a road test appointment, you will have to schedule it by talking to a representative during business hours).
  • Call the DMV Automated Appointment Service at (800) 921-1117 to make appointments for license or registration related transactions.


Reviews of California Department of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours

We are told we can schedule an appointment from the DMV website.

Where on the website must I go?

I have searched for an hour and cannot find a link to make an appointment.

Recommend you make the appointment link easier to locate.

How can I hold a transfer of registration , due to my buyer scam me a fake item which I entrust my car with the pink slip . How can I report a this scam and prevent them from changing ownership?

hi. I moved back to the state of florida and still have California license plates , tags or whatever they called in California. please give me the address to send the license plates. I think its in sacramento but couldn't find a website to give me the correct address, thank you

You guys suck, there' s no real email so yeah, whatevers. I finally found work in the american dream or whatever is left of it thanks to N.Y.K. (eat it, son! eat it! eat it and like it!). I was trying to appoint myself to go on Saturday, but all you bastards decided to say no way jose! You losing revenue, son so suck it up! Suck it up! Sa-er-a! This is California, the road of roads and you thinking like this? No way, not in California. Money runs on wheels son! That right!

Hello,my driver license expiration day is April 29, 2014 , I have no social security number, my travel passport also expires on the same day, can I renew my driver license with my passport and old driver license?

what do u need to take with when taking permit exam second time

I bought my car off a lot.Its a used vehicle,but did not have lis. plates.the dealer said he sent all paperwork to d.m.v. and i should get them at my address.My question is how long does it take?

My mother's handicap parking permit expired last June 2012 and she is still waiting for her new one that is supposed to be mailed to her home address, right? Her name is Elvira L. Soriano

My driver license will be expired at the end of next month. I got a letter from DMV that I have to renew it in person. But I'm currently work in other country, but will return to US on Sept. Can I renew my license on Sept? Do I need to take any test again? Thanks.

I recently got married and I am in process of changing my last name. I currently live outside of the U.S. Is it possible for me to change the name on my drivers license thru mail? or do I have to be there in person to change it?

how do i change the address via internet?

13797 Clear Valley Rd Victorville Ca 92392

need to change address after move, can i do it from internet and not have to stand in the long lines

Need change of address

Do i need to make an appointment in order to take permit test, or do I just go in at the Local DMV and ask to take it? Its vital that i get the answer! (: thanks


I am a Visiting Student from Italy at Stanford University, holding a J-1 Visa valid for 6 months (Januar- June 2012).

I have got a valid driver license in Italy for driving cars.

During the next 5 monhts, I am not suppose to generally drive in California and however, I was wondering if renting a car for a couple of days would require to me to take the driver license.

In positive case, I would of course apply for it.

I look forward for your reply

Thank you very much

Do I need to schedule an appointment to take knowledge test?

I came to California to visit my sister for a few months, and now I have a business trip visa for half a year,so during this period,can I have a driver license here? what documents I need if I want to have a driver license and what i need to do?Thank you!

My wife and I paid our registration and got our smog but have not received our tags and I am wondering why? its been about a month since we passed smog which we had to do after i paid the 92 dollars fee.

People -- please realize that the DMV DOES NOT READ THIS PAGE! Do not enter you personal information (ex: First and last name, address, Driver's License Number, email address, VIN, SSN, etc.). You will not get a DMV representative to respond to you via this method. Contact the DMV directly by calling the phone number or walking into the office.

Is there an email address that you know of to contact the DMV? I live outside of the US and it will cost a fortune for me to call them to find out the answer to my question.

i failed my written test 3 months ago do i have to pay and wait in line to take it again??

attn: Issuance Department

Here's something I'm guessing you don't read very often -- thank you!

As a California resident currently living overseas, I was very concerned that I was having trouble renewing my license last year. But it was wonderful to have such helpful contact with the Issuance Department a few weeks ago -- your service was friendly and efficient, and greatly appreciated.

Do you have the phone number to contact them. I am currently in a similar boat but I keep trying to call the number provided to me and it doesn't even ring.

I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

i wanna talk to an actual person not a machine

the phone system does not help at all and just makes me more angry

Does anyone know if theres a dmv open saturday june 4th 2011?

I paid the fees on time then needed to get the smog it has been over a month since that time and still no tags called today to find out they needed the license number or vin number from the car my name isn't good enough to look up my cars with them or the tags I am on the registration. Held for 15 minutes on the phone just to be told sorry can't get that without it

Does anyone know how long it takes to receive registration card and stickers through the mail? Paid the registration fees in persons, computer showed I needed my car smog, got that done. Paid the electronic fee. All in the same day, but still NO sticker or registration. Its been a month now.

This happpened to me too. I made an appointment and went into the Poway, DMV for the third time (once with an appointment and twice without) but the bottom line is they only got some of the needed paperwork that is why they did not do anything. I have to go back again with the documents that I thought they had when I got my car inspected and the guy at the gas station said they (gas station) sends it in to the DMV.....

Had a car non-op for over a year. Car had a new engine installed last week. Called State Farm insurance and let them know that the car has been repaired and I needed to drive it to get a smog cert. Went to the DMV with copy of Temporary Auto Identification Card for insurance and old registration. After waiting for hours I told the lady that I needed a one day driving pass to get the state required smog done on the car. Was told by the DMV lady I could not because the car registration had been suspended. Yes that is why I was here, to get it re-registered. But first I had to get a ONE DAY driving pass to not be illegally driving in the state. Showed that the car now has insurance and just need the pass to get it smogged!. She said can't help you computer says it is suspended. Yes it was non-op and insurance had suspended it over a year ago. I am showing her the insurance ID card and she still says the computer says suspended. So how do I get a ONE DAY pass to get it smogged??? She says go home and do it online with this site. I went to the registration page and entered the info. It says suspended go to DMV site?? If the DMV office cannot accept the insurance letter from State Farm insurance what am I supposed to do on this site??????????????????????

I have a repaired car sitting in a shop waiting to be picked up and no one at the DMV seems to know what to do??? Man this is so frustrating

Any help from anyone at the DMV would be nice.


tow the car to the smog station

I had same situation !I called several times to their customer service and every each time I have been told by rep. quite opposite solution. had totally different answer what should I do.It is so frustrating!

unless I missed it, I could not find out if Ican just call for an appt. to replace a lost DL.

i called to DMW in Delano, Ca and they still holding for 2 hours !!!!! what is wrong with them!!

Same here...I renewed my license early Dec. 2010, my check cleared on the 17th of is Feb. 9, 2011, I still haven't received my new license!!!

Is there a way to check the status of your driver's license renewal? I renewed my license on november 24th, 2010, my temporary id paper expired on january 22nd, 2011.It's been over 2 months and still i have not received my license. What am i suppose to do?

all you have to do is go in and get another renewal slip

I know exactly how you feel. Iordered my renewl on November 17!

This is such an inconvience

i want to change my car's plate number how to do it?

An error was made on my identification card, do i still have to pay for another one????

i get my pink slip next friday from our school drivers ed program it says on the website that i don't have to be 15 and a half if i am enrolled in a drivers ed program you just have to be 15 so could i still get my permit before my half birthday or do i have to wait?

I ordered my replacement Driver's License after mine was stolen with my wallet. That was about 8 weeks ago and I have no recieved my replacement yet. I did change addresses on my replacement. I don't know if that is the issue holding everything up or not. i tried calling the phone number for the DMV and all it tells me is I need to contact a technician however it does not tell me how to do that. I would like to figure out how I could get my Driver's License back.

yes im star i have a apponiment on the 29 of october for my identifaction card at the time of 2:00 pm in the afternoon

its good website

I have epilepsy they are controlled and I know when I'm about to have a episode...I recently asked my doctor if it was okay to get my license she said it was do I get things started I tried calling but they put me on hold forever=(

when taking the driving test, does the car have to be insured in general or does your name have to be under the insurace. since im going to be driving my mom's car, its already insured, but does she have to add my name before i get my liscence or can she do it after i take my test?


i dont know y they said 18 to drive and thats me too i want it to be 15 in a half but no its 18 and my mom said that i could be at least 15 what the heck

hey there,

im 17 and i want to take driving classes..

how much are they ??

and where can i find one??

please help me..

thanks you so much