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About the North Carolina Written Test

Practice TestDrivers in North Carolina can opt for a regular driver's license, a commercial driver's license (CDL), alearner's permit or a limited learner's permit (this applies only if you are under 18 years old). Once you have determined which is right for you, it is time to start the process. Driver licenses applicants must complete five tests:

  • Vision test
  • Traffic signs test
  • Regulatory signs test
  • Driving knowledge test
  • Driving skills test

To obtain a learners permit in NC, the regulatory signs test and road test are not necessary.

The written test is a verification of your knowledge about traffic laws, safe behaviors and the best driving practices. The test consists of multiple-choice questions. If you have any difficulty reading, you can request an oral test. You must make your request in person at the DMV office.

Get Your North Carolina Practice Test
& Study Guide

How to Prepare for the Test

Getting your NC drivers license is a huge responsibility. That includes preparing for all the tests. You can use the Driver's Study Guide as an aid through the whole process. Learn about road rules, route markers, car signaling and general North Carolina traffic laws. The guide is easy to read and understand, it provides all the relevant information needed for the written driver test. Illustrations within the guide are an excellent visual tool when it comes to road signs and their meanings.

Avoid getting blindsided by crazy curve balls on the day of your driving test. Try the Driver's Practice Test and ace your exam! The Practice Test contains samples of standard DMV questions, so you'll know what to expect on your big day.

What to Bring to the DMV

When applying for a North Carolina drivers license, you will need to bring four essential documents to the DMV office. No need for repeated visits to the NC DOT, just make sure you have the documentation listed below.

  • Proof of age and identity - You need to provide two documents, and one of them must have your full name and date of birth. Acceptable documents include birth certificates, tax forms, vehicle registration records and valid passports.
  • Proof of Social Security - To establish proof of Social Security you may provide a Social Security card, a W-2 form, a payroll record or 1099 tax form.
  • Proof of residency - Residency can be proved with any state-issued document, a utility bill or school records.
  • Proof of liability insurance - You must provide a document that shows your name, the effective policy start/expiration date and the date the policy was issued.

Don't forget that licensing fees are involved. The North Carolina DMV only accepts cash, money orders and personal checks. You won't be able to pay any fees with credit or debit cards.

Why You Need a North Carolina Driver's License

You will need a valid driver license to drive anywhere in North Carolina, there are no exceptions. This is a state requirement. If you get pulled over by the police and you are not able to provide a driver's license or learner's permit, you will have to pay exorbitant fines. The class of your driver license also needs to match the type of vehicle you are driving.

There are some restrictions to obtain a driver license in NC. For example, there are restricted licenses for a disabled person whose disability prevents him or her from driving safely. There are some mental and physical disabilities that will prevent you from getting a license at all. You may consult with the DMV office for specific details. Keep in mind that if you need corrective lenses, you have to wear them at all times when driving. Not doing so will result in penalties equal to those imposed for driving without a license.

The ultimate goal of traffic laws and driving regulations is to ensure safety. Road rules reinforce correct driving practices; it is everyone's responsibility to comply with North Carolina state driving guidelines.

More Info about your North Carolina Practice Test's North Carolina practice exam is made to allow you to successfully complete your DMV test.The sample test provides practice questions similar to what you will see on the actual DMV exam. The exercise test package includes:

  • Practice Test questions just like what you will find on the North Carolina DMV test
  • Questions on speed limits
  • Questions on how to drive safely
  • Questions regarding the Rules of the Road
  • ALL questions particular to North Carolina
  • Includes Road Sign Test

Using our practice exam will show you if you are likely to pass the North Carolina driving permit exam so that you don't waste your time and money doing the exam before you’re ready. The Practice Tests at can be taken multiple times so you can see if you have made progress in your comprehension of the information. Obtain a North Carolina practice exam from and get confidence in you ability to pass the permit exam.

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