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California Driver's License Manual

In order to apply for your Driver's License you must first pass a written test. The driver's manual is the book that provides the information you need to know in order to pass your written test and to get your driver's permit. It is important to read the manual because Section 2 and 3 have pertinent information necessary to pass this test.

Information Covered in the Manual

The manual provides information regarding different types of licenses, state traffic laws, road signs, safe driving information and regulations - all of which will help you drive safely and successfully. For example:

  • You must pull over and stop at the side of the road for any emergency vehicle with its lights or sirens on
  • Signs in yellow with black lettering and symbols are usually warning signs

Sections of the Manual

There are several chapters within each part of the manual. The 3 major sections include:
  1. Information about licenses and owning a vehicle
  2. Traffic laws and regulations
  3. Safe driving suggestions
You can download a copy of the Driver's Manual for more detailed information.

Where to Get a Hard Copy of the Manual

Please see the Driver's Manual Here for an online copy of the manual and practice quizzes for each chapter OR the manual is available to purchase at any DMV office.


As well as reading the manual, It is important to review all information regarding acquiring a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Please use the following links to gain more knowledge about the licensing process.

Reviews of California Driver's License Manual



i would like to practice my test to get my drivers licents

i would like to do the pre test on line ho w would i do that and where do i go for it think you.

Im trying to get my learners permit so that in April I can get my licences but in order for me to do that I have to take the written test can I take it on line or do i have to go into a dmv office and take it?

you can take it online

you can take it online were??

i am 16 1/2 and i wanted to no if a person is over 25 years old can they be my driver intructer

you have a great service thank you for infrmation.

want to lean how to drive?

i want to study and take exam on line

i dont see the Practice test on here where do i go? i need to take a practice test ><..

i would like to learn

why does the practice test go straight to another site? what happened to the "PRACTICE TEST" the one where you can study online???

how do i take a practice test on line

how do i take a practice test online

Man i cant pass the dmv written test wth!!

how do i take a pre test??

How do u get pre test?

How old does a child have to be to sit in the front seat of a car, and how much does she have to weigh?

how can i get my reand test ???


wth? i cant get to the pre test!


yea comment field cool...

is the cdl test the same as the written test?

im 16 n i want to get a permit....

do i have to take the classes?

you have to take

drivers ed and then driving school after you get your permit.

how do i take a pre taste

take pre test

i want to take a pretest!

where do u got to take a pre-test

i want to take a pre-test for class b passengers


i want my licence

So Do I

has anyone actually found practice tests? the ones on the website cost money and don't help at all....

test for passenger endorsment

passenger endorsment pre-test

The link to acquire a Drivers Manual, is for New York, not California. Thus it is a useless link for this website.


what to study for the driving test?

is it better if you practice with someone first, or see how someone drives and ask questions about what to see or about what to do when you're driving...,

Or just read the manual, that would specified everything that you should do when you're driving....

It be nice to have, a person to ask questions With. I Bin, geing 50% twice or A few Time's. AllsoJ ust Work On the ones you miss.

it better if i practice with someone first

want to learn to diver


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