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DMV Customer Service Center - Map, Hours, Contact

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4 reviews
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DMV Customer Service Center Address

2681 Mill Road Alexandria VA 22314

DMV Customer Service Center Hours

Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 24:00 AM
Sunday: Close

DMV Customer Service Center Contact Information

Phone #: (866) 368-5463

DMV Customer Service Center Holidays

New Year's Day Lee-Jackson Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Day George Washington Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day (includes Friday after holiday) Christmas Day

DMV Customer Service Center Services

  • Registration
  • Titling
  • Plates
  • Driver's License
  • Identification Cards
  • Written Test
  • Commercial
  • Road Test
  • CDL Written
  • CDL Driving

Payment Methods available at this location

  • Cash

  • Credit Card

  • Debit

  • Check

  • Money Order

Reviews of DMV Customer Service Center

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Waited an hour and a half in the lobby for my number to be called, idiots skipped my number... on same screen i see b35 followed by b37. Asked for helped and received a fresh number making me waited twice as long on sat.


I read the negative reviews about this location and was a little worried. However , I went on a weekday and it couldn't have been easier. The entire process of getting a new driver's license took just over half an hour. The person who helped me was very pleasant . I would suggest going during the week if at all possible.


Can a person give a rating of 0 stars? No? Well that is miserable. 4 times. 4 times I had to go to this miserable place inside of 7 days to get my vehicle newly registered in Virginia.
First time they told me I didn't have the right paperwork. (waited an hour to be told this at peak) They couldn't take a copy of my title as proof of ownership (still had a lien on it) and needed my old registration. Okay, stupid me, went and got it. 2nd time, Guy at the front desk said it was going to be okay, waited another hour, get to the main desk, they tell me my registration is too old and the only way they can give me a new one is if I got the actual copy of my title. Okay, this kind of stupid, but I'm going to be reasonable. I contact my lienholder, fax out the right information. DMV says they will call me when it arrives, they don't. I'm being patient still. I mean who expects anything from the DMV right? 3rd time, I take a day off from work, everything is good...I think. Another hour waiting. Guy at the front desk enters in my address wrong. I only find this out after going to city hall and getting the wrong parking sticker. I race back to the DMV, I mean Saturday is impossible there and they only operate during the same hours I work so what other choice do I have? 4th time understandably I am really pissed now. Fat, not white woman that I would like to call a female dog working the sorting desk does not help at all. What I want to do is yell so that I can get it out of my system and reasonably calm down. I show the slightest hint of anger at her, however justified, she says she won't serve me until I calm down. She motions the security guard over in my direction. That female dog of a person serves another person in the line behind me before giving me a service ticket. Her indifference/power tripping BS over me is palpable and only makes me more infuriated. But I force my voice down because I need to get this done. I wait another twenty minutes in line. And FINALLY they get it right.
The people at this location are a sorry excuse for human beings, but they're government employees who can't be touched and make you aware of it every second that you are there. You will wait forever. They will always do the bare minimum for you and sometimes less. Avoid this place like the most hellish plague you could ever conceive. I have never hated government so much in my life. If I could give negative stars I would. That female dog of a woman at the front desk was the worst. It's been over 3 weeks and I still get angry thinking about it.


Possibly the worst customer service and poorly ran business I've ever been to. This is the second trip here in two days. The first time we got here early to avoid the lines on a saturday morning and they told us we needed a bill for proof of residency when we were told all we needed was the title and bill of sale for our new car. Came back monday morning with everything, having to take vacation time from work, and again they said they couldn't get our vehicle plates because of a typo on the vehicle title, even though it was correct on the original bill of sale. This place and the people here are useless.