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Guaranteed to pass or your money back.

Be Prepared for your DMV Test!’s California Practice Permit Tests are designed to help you pass your DMV exam on your first try. Our tests provide real questions similar to what you will see on the actual DMV test.

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Be prepared for the real thing. The Practice Test has questions from the real California exam.

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Master the test by taking it online until you’re perfect. Go back and review trouble spots in the manual then take the Practice Test again until you ace it!

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How to Prepare for the Test

Practice TestOnce you have gone through the California driver handbook, you will realize that there is a lot of information to remember the day of the exam. Don't get anxious - this is when you need to review the Driver's Study Guide and refresh your memory. The Driver's Study Guide is a comprehensive summary that includes the most relevant information that you need to remember in order to pass the test. It reviews road rules in an easy-to-browse format, plus makes for a helpful visual aid with traffic sign images and descriptions. But if you really want to ace the test, you must practice for a significant amount of time leading up to exam day. Take the Driver's Practice Test as many times as needed so you enter the test knowing what to expect.

California Practice Test
& Study Guide

What to Bring to the DMV

Once you have prepped by studying the Driver's Study Guide and have aced the Driver's Practice Test, you are ready to go to the California DMV and take the official written exam. You'll have to schedule the appointment through the CA DMV appointment system. You can do it up to 45 days in advance. When you have your appointment ready, verify you have all the documents you need:

  • Completed driver license application form (DL 44)
  • Social Security card
  • U.S. Birth Certificate
  • Driver Education Completion Certificate
  • U.S. Passport

If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign your application. Also, all the documents must be original; the DMV will not accept copies. The testing fee for a written driver license test is $5.

More Info about your California Practice Test

The California DMV's main concern is protecting all individuals on the roads by regulating them through licenses. A CA license allows you to drive a vehicle in CA streets while you are subject to California road laws. Additionally, your driver's license can serve as your main form of government identification. When you pass the examinations and get a license, you are demonstrating that you understand the basic road rules and signs, and that you are qualified enough to drive among other drivers.

In California, being licensed is requirement if you want to operate a motor vehicle. Why would you take the chance of being fined for getting caught without a license? Note: The California DMV has made great efforts to create a solid licensing program; it is your duty to comply with it. Any individual driving without a license is a risk and a potential accident protagonist. Do not waste more time, you can definitely pass your test and get your license if you play it safe.

Study ahead of time using the Driver's Study Guide and gauge your knowledge with the Driver's Practice Test. With these resources, you'll certainly ace the tests! And if not, is willing to refund your purchase, no questions asked.


To whom it may concern at; Thank you for providing your great services!

Angela T.

I took my test in February and I passed! Thank you so much for your help!


More Info about your California Practice Test

By doing a sample quiz from you will encounter questions like the ones you would find on the genuine DMV exam. The trial exam from was produced in order to support you to do well on the California DMV assessment. A test package contains:

  • Questions relating to speed limits
  • Questions on safe driving
  • Questions regarding the Rules of the Road
  • ALL questions specific to California
  • Includes Road Sign Test
  • Practice Test questions similar to what you will find at the California DMV

Taking our practice exam will let you know if you are likely to successfully pass the California driving permit exam so that you don't waste your time and money doing the exam before you’re ready. The practice exam at can be done multiple times so you can see if you have made progress in your knowledge of the material. Purchase a California Practice Test from and gain confidence in you ability to pass the permit exam.

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