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How To: Handle Suspensions, Points and Other Problems in Wisconsin

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There is a mountain of regulations when it comes to driving in Wisconsin, so this section is designed to help you figure out some tricky situations. Every driver makes mistakes and has to live with the consequences, however, you should always have a full understanding of your rights. The articles in this section discuss what problems situations you might find yourself in and what you can do to try fix the issue.

Suspended License Information for Wisconsin

Discusses license suspension in WI with info on re-instatement, points, insurance, fines and fees, SR-22 and more

While some motorists regard driving as a basic right, the fact is that operating a motor vehicle is a privilege that must be earned and maintained by demonstrating safe and lawful driving. Under certain circumstances, an individual’s Wisconsin driver’s license may be suspended or revoked for a specific length of time, depending on the person’s driving record or history, and the particular violation(s).

DUI/DWI Information for Wisconsin

Driving under influence (DUI/DWI) in WI is a serious offence. Understand the implications, your rights the hearing process and legal counsel