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How To Renew A Senior Driver's License

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Driving a motor vehicle can be complicated and tough if you don't have the required skills and don't know all the safe driving techniques, no matter how old you are. But, this applies even more so to older people, who naturally face a gradual decrease in their ability to drive a car as they grow older. While senior citizens are allowed to operate motor vehicles, there are slightly different rules and regulations when they need to renew their driver's licenses.

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Most states require that people over 60 years old renew their licenses every 4-5 years. You won't get your license revoked once you get to a certain age, but you will have to go through a series of tests to prove that you are still able to drive safely. Senior driver's licenses usually have to be renewed in person, with some states allowing it to be done by mail.

A vision test is mandatory for all senior drivers, and it is one of the most important segments of the license renewal process. If you wear eyeglasses, you are still eligible for a renewal, but you have to bring them to the DMV office when you apply for it.

Apart from the vision test, a written and a skills test is also required, where you will be tested on your knowledge of traffic laws and rules, and whether your driving skills are at the required level.

Restricted driver's licenses may be issued to seniors who have certain disabilities, but are still able to operate a motor vehicle. So, some seniors may only be allowed to drive during daytime, or required to wear their eyeglasses or contact lenses whenever they are behind the wheel, or must install special devices that help them operate the vehicle in a safe manner.

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