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Traffic/Driving Schools in Ohio

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In the state of Ohio, traffic schools are often referred to as ‘Remedial Driving Instruction Course’ (RDIC). There are three reasons why people enroll in the RDIC:

  • After a traffic violation where demerit points were awarded, the court will order the driver to take a course at a traffic/driving school to improve their safe-driving skills.
  • To receive insurance discounts.
  • To receive driving point credits.

This program is designed to help you to learn defensive driving techniques that will make you a safer driver. The RDIC is an eight hour course and there are various locations where these courses are offered in Ohio.


Any driver can enroll in a Remedial Driving Instruction Course at any time to receive the following benefits:

  • Insurance Benefits - some insurance companies may offer premium discounts. Please check with your insurance representative to see if you qualify for this discount.
  • Driving Points - you will receive a two point credit if you complete a course. These points can be used to counteract demerit points on your driving record.


Either the court or the BMV (when notified by the courts) may order you to successfully complete a remedial driving program when you have been convicted of a moving or traffic violation or receive a six point warning letter. It is under the court’s discretion as to whether or not you will be mandated to take one of these clinics.


Please contact the clinic locations for more details on individual pricing, as the fees may vary across locations.


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Submitted by Anonymous on 23rd Mar 2011

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This coarse is not allowed by the DMZ in OHIO! They will refuse your certificate and you waste 40 dollars! and inbefore its not for traffic violation dismissal... i wasnt going for a dismissal, i simply did what my insurance told me to and took this online, waste of money!