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Dealing with vehicle registration and titling issues is a pain in the neck. has aggregated some of the best information regarding how to deal with these issues to make your life a little less stressful. Below are a number of articles that deal with a wide range of registration and titling issues that may face.

Vehicle Emissions Testing in New York

In New York, a vehicle emissions test is required for many [[/ny/new-york/vehicle-registration|original registrations]], as well as for annual [[/ny/new-york/vehicle-registration-renewal|registration renewals]].

New York Car Registration Renewal

How To Renew a New York Car Registration

Renewing car registrations in New York is a mandatory procedure which can be completed online, in person at an NY DMV office or by mail. Before applying to renew vehicle registrations in NY, applicants must be prepared to provide the following:

How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in New York

Replace New York Car Title

Although having your New York drivers license stolen is more likely, your car title can be easily misplaced or lost in your paperwork shuffle. When you consider the important information featured on the a NY car title, you will come to realize that this theft is a serious issue. In addition, you could also end up paying traffic fines if you are caught without proper vehicle title documents.

That is why the NY DMV encourages you to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue:

How to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in New York

Like most other motor vehicles, custom-built and antique vehicles must be properly registered and titled in the state of New York. However, the process of registering an antique or custom-built vehicle is different from [[/ny/new-york/vehicle-registration|registering a regular vehicle]].

License Plates in New York


As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be replaced.

Title Transfers or Obtaining a New Certificate of Title in New York

Transfer a Car Title

If a vehicle (including RVs or trailers)is to change ownership in New York, the car seller or gifter is responsible for providing the car buyer or recipient with correct documentation, and must transfer car title documentation. A car title transfer takes place when you are:

New York Auto Insurance - Get a Quote and Save

Car Insurance in New York

In New York, every driver is required to purchase car insurance. In fact, if caught driving without auto insurance, you could face drivers license suspension as well as car registration suspension. Although New York drivers pay the second highest car insurance rates in the country, it is possible to get a discount by enrolling in driver safety courses.

Learn more below about how to reduce costs on car insurance and the NY DMV insurance requirements for motorists.