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New York Boating Regulations

Boating is a great American pastime and all boaters know there is something special about being on the water. The state of New York wants to make sure that boating stays safe and fun so there are a number of regulations you need to follow. First, you must make sure the operator of your watercraft is properly licensed or meets the necessary pre-requisites to operate the specific craft. Secondly, it’s important to make sure that your watercraft is properly registered and meets the state requirements for safety. Read through our boating articles to get an idea of exactly how to make sure you’re ready to get on the water and be safe.

How to Register a Boat or Water Craft in New York

Most new boats must be registered through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles before they can be sailed.


# Any powerboat sailing in New York waters

# Boats registered in another state and not being used in New York for more than 90 days
# Commercial boats owned by the United states or another country
# Any boat that is propelled only by oars or paddles
# A ship's lifeboat
# Racing boats brought into the State for racing

* You can register a boat in person by visi

How to Apply For a Boating License in New York

New York requires a Boater Education Card for boaters, and not a boating license. The regulatory authority for the card is [ New York State Parks].