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New York DMV Introduces New Facial Recognition Software

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In an effort to prevent people from using fake IDs, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles has announced that it will start using a new facial recognition technology, that is supposed to help fight crimes related to identity theft, in addition to improving road safety.

The new and improved facial recognition software is able to detect various parameters that can help determine whether a driver's license or an ID card is real or fake. It employs an algorithm that is used to compare photos and detect different measurement points, such as glasses, hairstyles and scars, the DMV says. This system can compare 128 facial points, which is twice the amount of points that the old system was able compare.

With this technology, the Department's Division Field Investigation will be able to detect fake licenses and IDs more easily, and prevent reckless drivers from sitting behind the wheel, resulting in increased traffic safety.

“New York has quickly become a national leader in implementing this technology, and we will continue to raise the bar to ensure safer and more secure communities statewide,” Gov. Cuomo said.


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