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DMV Wait Time Study: Arizona

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Results from the Wait Time Study reveal that the average wait time at an Arizona MVD office is 31.65 minutes. While lines in Arizona are very close to the national average, only 16 of the surveyed states offer shorter wait times.

Geographically, Arizona is surrounded by the country's longest lineups. Wait times in California and Nevada rank amongst the country's longest. On average, drivers in Colorado and New Mexico will wait 11 minutes longer than those in Arizona. However, Utah has the shortest wait times in the area, with an average of only 22 minutes.

Arizona's relatively short wait times are helped by it's private licensing program. The state allows private vendors to provide MVD services. Some of these private locations offer extended hours and are open for business on weekends. The Arizona Motor Vehicles Division website also offers updates on wait times for its locations across the state. This allows customers choose the most convent service option.

Although Arizona currently has over 150 third party service providers, only 28% of those surveyed would be open to increased privatization of MVD services. Nationally, states with shorter wait times are less likely to support the licensing of MVD services to private companies.

Many states consider online services as a solution to MVD wait times. In Arizona, only 11% of drivers are not interested in online MVD services. Only 12 of the surveyed states are more committed to increased online investment. The Arizona MVD already offers 20 online driver services.

To avoid long lines at the MVD, Arizona drivers can check the state's website for up-to-date wait time updates. But, drivers are encouraged to skip the office, and conduct all available Arizona MVD services online.

3% of the study respondents are Arizona residents. 52% of Arizonians surveyed are male, and 47% are between 25 and 54 years of age.

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