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How to Renew a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) in Nebraska

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Renewing a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) in Nebraska is a relatively simple process compared to applying for a new CDL.


  1. A renewal notice will be sent to you about 90 days prior to expiry, indicating when your current CDL will expire. If your CDL has been lost or stolen, you will need to apply for a replacement CDL, rather than a renewal.
  2. You must renew your CDL in person, at your local driver license exam station.
  3. Bring the following items with you to the local DMV office, when renewing your commercial driver's license:
  4. Your current Nebraska commercial driver's license.
  5. Social Security Number proof, legal name and birth date.
  6. Residential address proof.
  7. Your Nebraska Commercial Driver's License renewal notice.
  8. A valid Nebraska Department of Transportation (DOT) long form physical.
  9. You must also bring the correct CDL renewal fee. Fees may vary; check with your local driver license exam station on changes in the exact fee before arriving for the renewal.


If your CDL includes a Hazardous Material Endorsement that you wish to retain, you must undergo a fingerprint and background check by the Transportation Security Administration.

  1. You must pay a non-refundable fee of $89.25 to initiate the process. Call the Integrated Biometrics Technologies (IBT) Help Desk at 1-877-429-7746, or visit their website at
  2. Contact one of the locations listed on the IBT site to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.
  3. Bring your commercial driver's license and social security card to the IBT office on the scheduled date.
  4. An approval letter will be mailed to you from the TSA, indicating that you have successfully completed the background check.
  5. Bring the TSA approval letter to your local driver license exam station and you will be permitted to test for HAZMAT at the time of renewal.
  6. In various Nebraska counties, there is a facility (only for Nebraska residents) for the sheriff to collect the fingerprints.


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