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North Carolina Vehicle History Reports (VIN reports) by


North Carolina Vehicle History Reports (VIN reports) by

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, getting a vehicle history report can save you time and money down the line. A vehicle history report, or a VIN check, is a detailed document that provides you with information about the history of a car, boat, truck or RV.

This information can impact your decision when purchasing a used car. It may look fine from the outside, but with a VIN number check, you may learn information that the seller is leaving out.

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How do get a VIN check?

Instantly download the most up-to-date vehicle records with instaVIN®. A comprehensive VIN history report will protect you from any foul play from a seller, such as: reversing the odometer, not disclosing previous repairs, or hiding accidents that may have damaged the frame of the vehicle.

instaVIN®’s direct link to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVITS) allows them to provide you with the most extensive report in real time.

Many states legally require used car buyers to purchase the car's vehicle history report. instaVIN® also offers reports for motorcycles, classic cars, heavy trucks and recreational vehicles. Click here to find out if your state requires you to get a report.

When you download a vehicle history and title report from instaVIN® you will receive:

  • Current State of Title Information
  • Historical Title Information
  • Disclosure of Brand History on Title
    • Flood
    • Salvage
    • Odometer Rollback
    • 61 Possible Problem Events,
  • Odometer Information
  • Information on Previous Accidents
  • Open Lien/Loan Information Including: Issuing Financial Institution
  • Impound & Towing Events
  • Active Theft Data

instaVIN® is affordable and ensures that you receive up-to-date information on your next preowned vehicle. Start the process, and get your VIN report today.

What is a VIN Check?

The automobile market is so large, that it is not easy to decide which vehicle to choose. Order a North Carolina motor vehicle history report to see the information available on specific vehicles.
The information on the North Carolina vehicle record consists of the following sections:

Title Data
This section includes the title data for the current and precious owners of the vehicle.

Odometer Mileage
The number of miles on the vehicle when the car registration was last filed.

Accident Reports
The details of all reported accidents involving the vehicle are included in the North Carolina car history report.

Registration Data
A North Carolina VIN Check report provides information about previous registrants and the registration locations.

Liens and Loans
This section of the DMV motor vehicle record includes data about present liens and car loans on a specific motor vehicle. Any financial institution with a current lien on a vehicle has a claim of ownership until the lien or loan is satisfied.

What is a VIN number?

The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a unique number assigned to each vehicle. It is usually found on the vehicle engine, dashboard, and it is put on all important vehicle related documents. The in North Carolina motor vehicle department uses the VIN number to catalogue information for a specific vehicle on a DMV motor vehicle report.

A vehicle history report contains VIN number specific information on a vehicle. Individuals can access these records to check that information. The North Carolina VIN history is publicly available data that can help you decide which vehicle to purchase, or help you sell your current automobile for the best price possible.

Why should I check VIN numbers?

How to Check VIN Numbers Before Buying a Car

Potential vehicle buyers order VIN check reports most often. If you do not know much about the previous owner of a vehicle, obtaining a North Carolina vehicle history report provides you with the necessary vehicle information.

You can compare the histories of the available vehicles by looking into the data from the VIN Check. This comparison will make the final decision easier by highlighting any issues the car might have.

How to Make a Sale with a VIN Number Check

If you intend to sell your vehicle, knowing it’s history will put you in an advantageous position during price negotiations.
Ordering a copy of the North Carolina vehicle history report
helps save time. You can present the copy to prospective buyers instead of waiting for them to do it on their own. Good buyers look favorably on well-prepared sellers and will appreciate you being forthcoming with information.

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