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North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours


Click here to find your local north carolina dmv office location



Telephone customer service representatives are available to provide general information from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Pre-recorded general information is available at all other times.

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles     

(919) 715-7000

Alternate phone numbers are available for information and services provided by the Divison of Motor Vehicles.


For issues related driver's license mail:

NC Division of Motor Vehicles

Driver License

Mail and Distribution Unit

3114 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-3114

For issues related to Vehicle registration mail:

NC Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Registration Section

Mail and Distribution Unit

3148 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-3148


You may also contact the DMV via email with specific questions or issues.

  • Email form for issues concerning license plates, title, and registration.
  • Email form for issues concerning licenses, driving related information like records or penalty points and central issuance.
  • Email form for issues concerning online request for duplicate driver licenses.
  • Email form for issues concerning missing or stolen vehicles as well as emission inspections.
  • Email form for issues concerning liability insurance.
  • Email form for providing feedback to the DMV.


The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has locations in all counties throughout the State. Click here to find the DMV office location nearest you.


Apart from visiting DMV locations to schedule your vision, knowledge and road tests, you may also visit the DMV local county office to reschedule an existing road test appointment.


Reviews of North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours

Waited 10+ minutes or so in the phone to get a representative that was rude, not helpful and hang on me after 1 minute or so after he picked up. This people get paid for a job that involves treating with other human beings, if they don't like it that't not my fault. Train the employees better to treat people and don't be rude and hang up on people

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I have been out of the country and would be returning in 12 days, during this period my drivers license has expired end first week of March is there anyway I could have a tempory license so that I can rent a car when I land? I do have a foreign drivers license is it OK to drive with it for 4-5 days till I get to a DMV office?

I just moved here from Virginia, and I would like to transfer my license to North Carolina. Would like to know what procedure to follow. I've read your page and inquired from residents, but I'm getting mixed replies. So can someone answer this.

Do you answer questions regarding vehicle registration

We reccently moved from Chapel Hill to Cary can I change my address on line? If so How?

Thank you

I got a ticket back in NC in 1981-83 and I cannot renew my license in Virginia without paying it. Can you help me?

I'm in Charlotte Meck County and I wanted to know if DMV's are open the day after thanksgiving which is on Friday 23? Somebody confirmed this?

I need more help obtaining a title for a vehicle I purchased on July 27. I feel like the LAW doesnt protect the buyer when it comes to this issue. The long story short, seller put off until the week before the temporary plate expired. I have been in correspondence with two clerks from the dealership he had bought it from, I have been in contact with the raliegh DMV (Sue) has been very helpful but I still don't have a title for my truck. I need help!!!!!! I should not have to be the one to suffer with this issue. can't something be done QUICKLY!!! to get my title. Someone should have to pay!!! Can't I get a "WORK" permit until I get a title. Charge the seller on a daily basis until the title is in hand and plates are on my "DRIVEWAY ORNAMENT" I am fed up!!!!!!

I came into the DMV plate office to get the 10day grace period paperwork to get my vehicle inspected. The lady told me there is a $10 fee for the paperwork. So I got the money from the ATM inside the building. When I asked her for a receipt she told me it was the paperwork she gave me back. When I looked at the paperwork it stated the tax block on my vehicle nothing about the money I paid. My question is , was there a charge? If not please check your camera's because if she did me like this then she has done it before. Thanks in advance SingleMom

I am a resident of Stanly County, NC.

For the last three years I have always driven to the Polkton Driver's License Office in Polkton, NC. to conduct all required business with my Drivers license.

Pamela Sowell & Robin McAdams operate the Polkton / Wadesboro office and are excellent to do business with! You are not a number with them, they both just click together. Everyone is treated with respect in a cheerie environment. It's OK to smile and talk in their office - they encourage it! I would almost say that I look forward to see and visit with my friends.

Pamela & Robin are OUTSTANDING STATE EMPLOYEES and need to be recognized for putting smiles on faces and being the BEST at what they do! Both are constantly busy multitasking, keeping the line moving & processing peoples needs fast and orderly.

Sincerely, Robert J. Cordiner

Albemarle, NC. 28001

I turned in my tags 2 months ago but I do not have the receipt as proof.. can I get a copy of this proof online or will I have to get this from the DMV center?

I live in Johnston County, NC, I have owned a 1971 Chvey El Camino since 1971. It is now 41 years old. I have been told that a Classic Vehicle such as mine can apply for an Antique license plate, and that I will no longer have to pay Johnston County Vehicle tax on it each year.

Can anyone verify this to be true. If it si, where do I begun to start the paperwork to make it happen?

Hi, I am over 59 years of age and presently in Romania where I will be for a long while; however this year my drivers license will expire and I would like to renew it,BUT I will not be able to be in North Carolina at the needed time (do not have the funds for the plane ticket). What should I do?

I'm military, my son attended 9/10th grqde in NC & moved with me to the UK. While in NC, he took the formal driving class and received his driving permit. We've been here 2.5 years and his permit/temps has expired. He'll be 18 soon, how can he get his driver's liscence and/or what must he do to get it? Thanks,

Hello my husband is on active duty orders & he is in Colorado & I am in Virginia. What do we need to do to get our license renewed. His birthday is in June & mine is in July. He is stationed in Virginia for 2 years. But our home is in North Carolina.

I just sent out an application to get a duplicate title. Theres was a fee involved and i completely forgot to send it. Will i still get the title mailed to me??

What is the fax number for teh Vehicle Registration Department?

how do i get a replacement i broke mine

im tryin to find out the samething

I just brought a car that was register in Canada. I have the title. Can you direct me of where to got or wha to do to get it title in NC.

Thanks you for your time.

yes but where n N.C r u located. or call 252 4353662

can you purchase a state id if your learning permit is expired..........