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North Carolina Buying or Selling Your Vehicle

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Not only is buying or selling a vehicle is a big expense, it can be time consuming or difficult as well. Further issues of credit and auto loans only complicate the situation. When it comes to buying a vehicle, there are a number of common things a person can do in order to help improve this whole process:

  1. Consider what type of vehicle you want - New vs. Used
  2. Determine what your price range is
  3. Write down certain criteria you are looking for (two door, SUV, fuel-efficient, etc)
  4. Search online listings for the makes and models that match the type, price range and criteria you are looking for
  5. Read reviews of the models that fit your criteria
  6. Select the model and model year(s) that makes the most sense
  7. Price compare online
  8. Buy

On the other hand, there are some basic things that a person can do to help in the process of selling your vehicle:

  1. Before you commit to selling your vehicle, make sure that you can afford to buy a new one or that you will be able to be approved for an auto loan
  2. Search for your car model and model year online to see what it is selling for at dealerships and through private listings
  3. Take a close look at private listings prices as they are often a better gauge of the price you will be able to ask for your vehicle (Remember that dealerships have to mark up their cars from what you sell for in order to make a profit)
  4. If you are buying a new car at the same time, talk to your dealer about the trade-in value you could get for your car.
  5. Decide whether to trade-in vs. sell privately
    • Trade-in is usually quicker and easier
    • If you are patient and realistic you may be able to get more from a private sale.
  6. If you decide to sell privately, talk to friends and family who may be interested then list in the classifieds
  7. Sell
  8. Complete the Title-transfer

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