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The Motorcycle Driver's Handbook

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If you want to be able to drive a motorcycle on public roads, you have to obtain a motorcycle license. In order to do that, you must pass a written and skills test. After you pass the written test, where you will be tested on traffic rules and road signs, you will get a motorcycle permit. Then, you will take the skills test, which can be conducted in real-life traffic situations, or on an off-street area.

The best way to prepare for the motorcycle license test, is reading the Motorcycle Driver's Handbook that each state provides for its residents. A Motorcycle Driver's Handbook will explain what types of motorcycles there are, since there are various categories based on their size and engine power, and what kind of license you need for a specific motorcycle type. Furthermore, you can read about the requirements for each license, age limits, documents and fees that need to be submitted and paid when applying. All states require you pass an eye exam, and give a fingerprint and signature. After studying using the manual, we recommend practicing for the exam with a practice test.

For the motorcycle skills test, you will have to demonstrate some basic vehicle control skills, such as serpentine ride, circle ride or gear shift ride, as well as identify some of more important parts of a motorcycle, including the starter, the throttle, the clutch, and the brakes. Then the handbook will provide you with information about what protective gear you should wear when riding a motorcycle, as well as tips on safe driving.

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