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Beginner Drivers in Minnesota

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Understanding traffic rules and safety standards is a step every driver must take. The point of getting a driver's license is to prove you have gained this knowledge. The following info will outline this process.


The initial thing that beginner drivers have to do is obtain a learner's permit. If you complete a driver's education program, you will likely be allowed to receive a learner's permit at a younger age. If you decide not to take a driving course, the first step will be the knowledge test. Visit our Learner's Permit page for more detailed info on this subject.


Passing a written knowledge test is mandatory for beginner drivers in Minnesota, whether you are applying for a learner's permit or a driver's license. Local driver licensing office are in charge of conducting the test, which is focused on the rules of the road and on safe driving.

You can try to study the minnesota State Drivers Guide in preparation for the test. Taking practice tests is also helpful. If you want to take the driving test, you have to pass the knowledge test first.


If you have passed the knowledge test, you will be required to complete a driving test. You can practice driving with a certified instructor or a qualified adult with a license. You can also attend a driver's education program or go to a driving school in order to acquire the skills that are necessary for safe driving. For the purpose of the actual driving test, you will need to have a vehicle in good working condition that has valid auto insurance..


After you have completed all the tests the next step is to fill out the necessary forms and pay the fees, and you will be on your way and driving. See the Applying for a License section for more specific information.


Once you have obtained a license, the vehicle that you use must be insured and registered. Parents or legal guardians may have this already covered if you are driving one of their vehicles. Auto insurance may be lowered with completion of a driving school.