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Northern Kentucky Driving School - Cold Spring


4150 Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076
United States
Phone: 859-572-0539
3 ratings
Submitted by LicensPlate695XXX (not verified) on 14th Aug 2012

A few mornings ago (08/13/12)

A few mornings ago (08/13/12) on my way to work I was cut off by one of their driving instructors as she speedily ran through a stop sign and almost hit my car. She then drove down the middle of two lanes and up through the next stop sign.

I expect to see this kind of driving from a pizza delivery driver, but not from a driving school instructor. Next time she should take the company's sign off the top of her car before driving like a maniac.

From what I've seen I'll steer my family and friends away from Northern Ky Driving School.