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Learner's Permits for Beginner Drivers in Kansas

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Obtaining an instruction permit is generally the first step that a beginner driver takes toward becoming a fully licensed driver in Kansas. You are eligible to apply for an instruction permit if you are at least 14 years old and:

  • you have never been licensed to operate a vehicle, or
  • you are a new resident of Kansas who has been licensed in another state, but your driver's license has been expired for longer than one year


  1. Download a copy of the Kansas Driver's Manual, or get a hard copy by visiting a local Driver License Exam Station.
  2. If you are under 16 years of age, you must obtain consent or parent or guardian and your application must be signed by parent/guardian.
  3. Visit your local Driver License Exam Station to submit the application. You must bring with you:
  4. Proof of identity, age and Kansas residency, as specified by the Department of Revenue. If you have changed your name, you must bring documents that support and clearly indicate your current name.
  5. The correct fee.
  6. You will be given a written knowledge test and an eye screening at the Driver License Center. If you pass these tests, you will be issued an instruction permit, which is valid for one year.
  7. Applicants aged between 14 and 16 years may also apply for a farm permit following the same procedures, if they have residence or employment on a farm of 20 acres or more. They also need to submit proof of completion of an approved driver education course or successful completion of tests (vision, written and driving).

When driving with an instruction permit or farm permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is 18 years of age or older. This person must sit beside you.


You are eligible for a restricted driver's license if you are at least 15 years of age and under 16, and you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have held an instruction permit/farm permit for at least six months.
  2. You can provide proof of having successfully completed an approved driver education course.
  3. You have the consent of your parent or guardian.
  4. An affidavit that the applicant (if under 16 years of age) has completed a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving (10 of which are at night) by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age. A minimum of 25 hours or all the 50 hours may be completed with your Instruction Permit.

The restricted driver's license in Kansas includes the following restrictions:

  1. Restricted license holders can drive alone only when traveling to or from school or work.
  2. All other times you must be accompanied by an adult licensed driver, 18 years or older.
  3. You cannot transport non-family members under 18 years of age.


A full, unrestricted license may be issued when you are at least 16 years old. A restricted driver's license may be changed to a regular, non-commercial driver's license, provided you pass the road test and submit an affidavit showing 50 hours of adult supervised driving ten of which were at night.