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Vehicle Emissions Testing in Florida

In Florida, a vehicle emissions test is not required for original registrations, as well as for registration renewals, since the year 2000.

However, the state encourages drivers to help lower air pollution by using vehicles classified by the EPA as ILEVs or Inherently Low Emission Vehicles.

The fees are $5 for an annual decal, $10 for a biennial decal, and a $.75 mail fee for either decal, if applicable. The decal expires on your date of birth and must be renewed annually or biennially.

License Plates in Florida

How to Replace Lost or Stolen License Plates

As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be replaced.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Florida

To be able to legally drive throughout Florida roads and highways, all drivers must have valid license plates, vehicle decals and car registrations from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). If at any point in time, any of the three car registration items are lost, stolen or damaged, you must immediately apply for duplicate car registration credentials.

How to Register a Vehicle in Florida

In Florida, you must get car registrations for vehicles that will be driven on state roadways. In fact, it is illegal to drive a car without proper vehicle registration. If you have recently bought or were a gifted an automobile, RV or motorcycle, take some time to review the necessary steps to get car registration in Florida. Keep in mind that with your new FL car registration, you will also be required to apply for a new car title.

Types of Vehicle Registration

How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Florida

Renew Vehicle Registration

All Florida drivers are responsible for staying on top of their car registration renewal. If you don't renew your auto registration on time, you may be subject to penalties and extra fees. Driving without valid registration is illegal, and if you're caught driving with an expired registration in Florida, you will be faced with a substantial fine. To prevent any of these situations, you should know: