As an employer or business owner, you want to hire the best candidate for the job. A background check allows you to rule out candidates who may have a criminal record or lied about previous employment.

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Background checks are a necessary screening tool, ideal for employers during the hiring process, landlords renting property and by individuals looking for more information on a person. Past employment verification, credit history and criminal history are components that make up a thorough background check.

A complete background report may check any number of items including but not limited to: education and income history, bankruptcies, criminal records, sex offenses, liens, drug test results. partnered with Intelius because they are the industry leader in background checks and are endorsed by the National Child Safety Foundation. All background checks contain high-quality information and provide current and up-to-date records.

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What You Can Learn About a Job Candidate

Running employee background checks are crucial whether you own a small start-up or are a huge corporation. Making sure to screen each employee you hire with a comprehensive background screening is a recommended way to build the best staff.
By ordering an employee background report, you will receive important information on each candidate you decide to screen.

Education history – Now you can verify a potential candidate’s authenticity of certifications, degrees, and any other educational claims made in their application.

Income history – There have been instances where candidates fabricate past salary history in order to leverage higher earnings. To avoid any inconsistencies, our background checks provide you with past salary verifications you can trust.

Credit report – Consider applicants’ past financial management skills by scanning their debt accumulation, payment history, liens, collections and bankruptcies.

Criminal records – Ensure that you leave your business in good hands. Conduct criminal history checks on potential candidates to determine whether they have committed any misdemeanors or felonies through county, federal and nationwide criminal records.

Sex offenses – Maintain a safe environment for yourself and your staff by scanning sex offender registries. With a background check, you can verify that a potential employee does not have any past history committing sexual offenses.

Drug test results – Whether you own a company in the medical department or you are in the hospitality field, it is critical for the safety of the workplace to examine past drug test results of potential employees.

Can you conduct background checks without permission?

To conduct a full background check on another, federal law requires employers to receive written permission. A job candidate has the right to decline a request for employee background screening. In turn, you have the right as the employer to decline their job application.

How to Decline a Job Application Due to Background Check Results
If you choose to not hire an applicant because of the results generated from their background investigation, you must give a copy of the report along with a “Notice of Rights” to the applicant. The “Notice of Rights” must include the contact information of the company that conducted the personal background check. This allows him or her to dispute inaccurate information the report generates.

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