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Criminal Checks

Need to lookup criminal history records? is a quick and efficient solution to criminal background checks. With nationwide criminal data compiled from a database of over 400 million criminal records you can cover a comprehensive, wide scope of information, instantly. We provide easy-to-understand data with backup descriptions describing how often sources are updated. Instant Criminal Check: start gathering your pertinent information today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a instant criminal search?

Instant criminal searches access our database compiled of statewide, federal, and county specific information. Sometimes, there is a delay in relaying information from a county to the statewide database such as the time between a charge laid and a case concluded. With these inherent delays in mind, we recommend performing a hand search at the county level after completing an instant search to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Are instant criminal searches thorough and accurate?

Our data is comprehensive and widespread, but it is only as up-to-date as the federal, state, or local agency reporting the data. We provide descriptions of each source and how often it is scheduled and updated to give you a full understanding towards the accuracy of the results.

When should I use an instant criminal search vs. a county criminal search and how do each differ from from each other?

If you know a specific county where an offence occurred, it may be beneficial to do a county courthouse search. Data from counties are updated as suspects are booked and court cases are filed. The results for these checks can take up to 72 hours. This process can be time consuming and information is specific to the county area. In contrast,'s instant criminal search queries a database consisting of several sources. It is quick and offers a wider-scope of information. Often, the instant reports can be a great starting point to get results that can be later followed up by county specific searches if needed.

Is the report easy to understand?

Our reports are formatted with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. In addition, we have a proprietary data translation protocol that interprets and simplifies complex data to ensure information is clear and easy-to-understand.

How does the Statewide Criminal product differ from the Statewide Criminal Background Check?

The Statewide Criminal product is a traditional method that pulls data from sending reports to the court house(s), whereas as Statewide Criminal Background Check is an immediate search that instantly pulls information from our database and presents it in a report.

Can I use this criminal data to make employment-based hiring decisions?

No, criminal records carry consumer reporting guidelines with regards to hiring policies. See the FCRA statute for more information about using criminal records for employment FCRA statute

I know somebody has spent time in jail but their name is coming back as clear, why is this happening?

Information is collected nationwide and from a variety of different data sources. It is possible that we did not get the information directly from the specific county and/or state and the location is not covered, or the data could not have been provided due to an error or regulation under state law.

Why should I run an instant search vs. a manual county or state search?

An instant search can be a great preliminary comprehensive search allowing for quick and efficient data. This can then lead to a decision if continuing a search on an applicant's background is necessary. Information can date back to the 1970's with sources from institutions such as the Department of Corrections, Administration of Courts, and county courts and sex offender registries within a state. For a more in depth look at criminal, civil, or federal background, a county or state search can be a good next step but this takes longer.