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5940 S. Gun Club Rd., #104
Aurora, CO 80016
United States
Phone: 303-840-7662
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Submitted by TZ on 28th Aug 2015

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend finding another driving school. My son had a horrible experience here (Aurora, off of Gun Club branch). When I tried to discuss my son’s experience (one where he felt stupid at the end of the interaction) the instructor, Jason immediately became defensive, turning the conversation around to blame my son (who did have some blame in the situation, however he is 16 and the instructor by age, if not temperament, is an adult). Rather than coming to a peaceful resolution, he threw me out of the office. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve been treated in this way. His immediate defensive reaction says to me he either has an anger problem, or there may have been truth in my son’s statement (or maybe both). Some of the examples of how he spoke to or treated my son (as reported by my son – he’s 16 so may not be the most accurate reporter, however given my own experience with this instructor, I’m siding on more accurate than not): First day of class I was called in to hear my son and the friends he was taking the class with were misbehaving – none of the kids realized how badly they were doing, in fact did not know I was being called in to talk about discipline, but they were told to get me to discuss the schedule. I think that yes, the kids should have behaved better, but if it’s a problem, separate the boys, talk to them, don’t surprise them later with threats of getting kicked out of the program before trying to manage them – really poor classroom management (in retrospect, probably not a good idea to have my son take a class with his friends). Before he took the written test Jason said, “when you fail this test, you aren’t allowed back here to retake the class” (he passed missing only one on the written exam). During the driving lesson, Jason was condescending, pointing out where the steering wheel was, brakes were etc. He told my son how irresponsible he was (and he is, we’re working on it) because he lost his permit. He accidently brought his dad’s old temporary license because he grabbed a paper that looked like his temporary permit – he wasn’t trying to "pull one over" on anyone, it was a mistake (one made because to be honest we don’t have the most organized of households), later during my interaction with Jason, he accused my son of being unethical rather than deal with my complaint of how he made my son feel. Again, I would highly discourage you from using this company. Not everyone has the temperament to work with teenagers (I have two and I want to stick a fork in my eye half the time). Because I always want to end a criticism on a positive note, my son had great experiences with Gil, and Kelsey. I always had positive and professional interactions with the front office staff (unfortunately, I don’t remember her name, but she was very nice).

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