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Practice CDL Test - Pass the CDL License Exam on Your First Try

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Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have for taking the practice test?

You can take the practice test online using our interactive program or you can download it as a PDF document

Will I get a hardcopy of the test in the mail?

The test is can be download as soon as it’s purchased. If you want a hardcopy simply download the test and print it out

If I take the practice test will I pass the exam?

If you score 90% or higher on your first try on one of the CDL exams in the package, then you should pass the corresponding CDL exam when you take it for real. If you don’t score 90% or higher, review your trouble spots in the driving manual and take the practice test again

How many times can I take the practice test?

The practice test can be done as many times as you and there is no time limit for taking the test.

I've already purchased the practice test, how do I access it?

If you have already purchased a practice test you can access it here

The truth about CDL tests is that many people who take them end up failing. A CDL test is much harder than the knowledge test you would need to pass to get a regular license. This is why has created our CDL practice test package. Do you know what a wig wag is? What about the difference between Division 1.5 hazardous materials and Division 5 hazardous materials? There is no way you can pass a CDL exam without studying for it, and the CDL practice test package from is an ideal study tool.

  • For $29.99 you get all the essential CDL practice tests

    The test package from contains 700 hundred questions covering topics such as: General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Hazardous Materials, Tankers, Doubles/Triples and Combinations

  • Questions like the real CDL exam

    Study smart, not hard.’s CDL Practice Test has questions that will prepare you for the real CDL exam.

  • Retake online practice test as often as you want

    Take the test until you have mastered the material. Go back and review trouble spots in the manual then take the practice test again until you can ace it!

  • Available in PDF format

    Want to practice on the go? Simply print the PDF version test and take it anywhere.

What's Included in the CDL Practice Test?

The CDL practice test package from is an excellent resource with which you can use to gain confidence in you ability to pass the CDL exam. The questions in the package are very similar to what you will see do a real CDL exam. When you buy the package you'll get:
  • 200 General Knowledge questions
  • 100 Air Brakes Questions
  • 100 Hazardous Materials Questions
  • 100 Tanker Questions
  • 100 Doubles/Triples Questions
  • 100 Combination Vehicles Questions
Driving a truck is not something you can take lightly. In order to keep yourself, those around you, as well as your cargo safe you need to be both skilled and knowledgeable. A CDL test only seems hard because it is made to ensure that only people who know their stuff willf pass. If you are smart about how you study then a CDL test will seem easy. The CDL practice test package from is an excellent resource that will help you learn the material by studying smarter, not harder. Buy the CDL practice test package from today and avoid being one of the people who fail their CDL exam.