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Online VIRGINIA DMV Services

Virginia DMV Driver’s License

Get VA DMV driving license details here. Learn how to apply for a license to drive in Virginia or, if you are a current driver, find out how to renew a driving license. Newcomers to the state may also need to return their out-of-state license and apply for a Virginia license to drive.

Virginia DMV Vehicle Registration

The DMV in Virginia requires drivers to apply for car registration after purchasing a vehicle. Find out ways in which you can also renew car registrations and replace vehicle registrations on

DMV Practice Tests in Virginia

Drivers can easily take a VA DMV learners permit practice test on our website. First-time drivers in Virginia must pass a written drivers test to receive a permit to drive. To ensure that you pass the test on the first attempt, offers its users the opportunity to sample test questions for free.

Virginia DMV Driving Records

Obtain a copy of your Virginia DMV driving record online. Virginia drivers who may be shopping for car insurance coverage will find it useful to view the status of their driver’s record. Any driver’s license suspensions, car accidents or traffic tickets will be mentioned in the document.

Virginia DUI/DWI

The DMV in Virginia may revoke one’s driving privileges as the result of an arrest for driving under the influence. Find information on how to reinstate your driver’s licenses following a DUI citation. Also our DWI attorney listings are available to help you find counsel when fighting a DUI conviction in Virginia.

Virginia Auto Insurance from the DMV

Get a Virginia car insurance quote. Whether you are a new Virginia DMV driver from out of state or a current resident looking for a better rate, the quote finder tool is useful in getting the best rate on your premium.

Pay Virginia DMV Traffic Tickets

Find information on paying your VA DMV traffic tickets. Learn how to avoid a suspended driver’s license by paying for or fighting a traffic citation. To assist you with entering a plea for your case, learn more about to hire a traffic lawyer on our site.

DMV Traffic School in Virginia

Get details about how to attend a Virginia DMV defensive driving course for a point reduction on your driving record. Traffic school may be mandated by the courts following a traffic citation or moving violation.

New/Used Cars in Virginia

Find the car you want at the price you want. Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle, AutoByTel will show you all available cars in your area. Simply use our drop down feature to our narrow down your selection by choosing the make/model/year of the car you are interested in. This will then allow you to browse our current inventory.

Virginia DMV Bill of Sale

Drivers who are in the market to sell or buy a used car can help protect their investment by filling out a VA DMV bill of sale. Access a bill of sale form here.

Automotive Businesses in Virginia

Discover Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles auto-related businesses in your area. Use our search engine to find listings of car repair shops, dealerships and other businesses by city. The listings also feature user ratings of each business, allowing you to choose the best option for you. Click here to start your search.

Virginia DMV Locations

Locate a DMV in Virginia. Use our interactive map to pinpoint VA DMV locations in cities throughout the state. You can also view an alphabetized list of location details such as telephone numbers and street addresses.