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Beginner Drivers in California

Getting behind the wheel of a car or other motor vehicle is a privilege, and requires a clear understanding of the rules of the road, along with the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. A standard of quality is verified by the driver's license application process, secured by auto insurance and kept track of through registration and titling.


For many new drivers, the first step in getting a learner's permit is to go to some form of Driver's Education then taking the knowledge test. If you do not enrol in a driver's education program, you can obtain a learner's permit later by directly taking the written knowledge test.


Most beginner drivers in California are required to pass a written knowledge test, whether when applying for an instruction permit or a driver's license. The test is administered at a local driver licensing office, and covers standard rules of the road and how to safely operate a motor vehicle.

You can prepare for the test by studying the california Drivers Guide, by taking practice tests, and by reviewing study guides . You must pass the knowledge test before scheduling a driving exam.


After passing the knowledge test, you must pass a driving test in order to get your california driver's license. Before taking the driving test, you should practice driving with a certified instructor or qualified licensed adult. A lot of new drivers go to a driver's education program or a licensed driving school to further their driving skills.As well, it should be noted that the car you use in the driving test must have proper auto insurance.


Completing the knowledge and road exams are the key requirements for receiving a driver's license in the state of California. New drivers must also fill out an application, provide proof of identity and residence, and pay the appropriate expenses. For complete information about how to obtain a driver's license in California, see our Applying for a License section.


It is illegal to drive an uninsured car in the state of california, and therefore new drivers must ensure that they have the proper amount and type of insurance required by the State. Parents or legal guardians may have this covered for young drivers. Taking a driver's education course or a licensed driving school can often reduce your insurance premium. For more information, or to see competitive auto insurance quotes, see out our Auto Insurance section.

Additionally, beginner drivers planning to get their own car have to ensure the vehicle is registered and titled before taking it on the road.


Reviews of Beginner Drivers in California

I turn 18 in May do I have to get a permit before i get my DL?

Can a child drive with a new driver (less than a year behind the wheel) if they are not siblings, but the parent authorizes it for school carpool purposes?

My son will be 17 1/2. Does he have to take the driving classes to get his learners permit?

Im 18 in 3 weeks do I need to get a permat before I get my lisence

My son turns 15 1/2 on Nov. 8 which is a Sat, and I am told he cannot take his permit written test until Monday the 10th. Which means, he cannot take his DL behind the wheel test until May 10, because that is 6 months later as required, which is also a Sat, which means he has to wait till May 12! This is such a bummer and wondering if you know of a way for him to be able to take the written test on Nov 7 and have it processed on the 8th. I called DMV and they said the way I described here is the way it has to be.

Hi, i took my provisional permit test 5 months ago when i was 17 and a half, i am 18 now and i havent taken any instructor lessons yet, do i still have to take instructor lessons to make my permit valid, and do i have to have 6 hours, or can i train with a parent and take the behind the wheel test?

I'm currently 17 and half, do I need a certificate to take the permit???

Do you have to nail parallel parking on the first shot or do you get a second chance?

im 17 1/2 and i wanted to know if i would still have to wait the 6 months after taking and passing the written test to get my license

i already have my permit and I want to get my license so do I have to take a written test and behind the wheel test. I took the written test to get my permit and I practiced driving with a driving school. please help!

i live in california and i am 15 and a half and i want to get my drivers permit. my mom wont sign for me to drive with my dad but i will be under his insurance and stuff. will i have to have my moms signature even tho she isnt going to be the one teaching me?

PLEASE REPLY ASAP I am 17 and a half and just got my driving permit about 2 to 3 months ago i turn 18 on october is there anyway i can take the behind the wheel test to get my license?!like anyway

If your 15 can you take drivers ed online and then take the written test? im not 15 and a half until October though.

you can take your drivers ed online at anytime, but can not take the test until 15 and a half. I recommend that starting the online course closer to the time you are eligible for the test.

I'm 18 years old and want to get a permit so i can practice because i don't have any experiences. Do i need to take any classes or could i just go into the dmv and get a permit practice a little then take the behind the wheel for my license?

Hello I'm 27 years old I had gone through the written test many of times and this will be my fifth just so I can pass finally. But I have a question though. Can I take the written test without the drivers test? Because my mom said she got hers done without the drivers test, so I'm wondering.

If I'm going to be 17 in 2 months and I wanna get my permit. Do I still have to take drivers Ed ?

yes, because youre not 18.

if you have already taken the written test and a behind the wheel training once can you sign up for behind the wheel/ 18 years old...or do you need to take the written again/

is there a way to renew a permit?

take the behind the wheel test and get your license

do u have to do driving school at 17 1/2

no u just have to wait tell your 18 to take the behind the wheel test.

do you have to do a driving school if your 18 years of age ?

No you don't

i Need To Learn How To Drive is There Any School's That Are Not So Expensive That Can Teach Me How So i Can Finally Get My Permit And Drivers License ?

take drivers ed online

if you have a permit from another state but have not completed drivers ed and you move to cali for a sport but dont know how long you will be there can you just go and take the road test. if so what would i need to take with me?

can you get a license in california if ur under a mandatory suspension in another state. If ur not able to can you get driving privilages?

Do you have to go to a drivers education program to get your permit?

After the year, when the permit expires, do you have to retake the drivers education to renew the permit?

do you have to take 6 hours behind the wheel after getting your permit with someone cetified? or can you just show that you did it with your parents. Honestly, i wouldn't trust whoever i'm driving with, & secondly, why would i pay to teach someone when i have my parents? & third, its just uncomfortable.

Rumor has it that if you get a ticket while you have your permit,youll have to wait til youre 21 to get the liscense?:p is this truee?

is this actually true?


if i can take a Verbal Exam instead of a Written exam? I have trouble reading and understanding some of the questions the exam asked. I am wondering if there's such thing as taking a Verbal exam with someone there, rather than a Written exam.

Do I need to bring a drivers training to certificate once I go to dmv? or Can I just enroll after I get my permit?

i am 16 going on 17 in three months, i did my written test in drivers ed class last year at school. what am i supposed to do so that i can get my permit asap?


My permit expires August 5th. I'm trying to get an appointment for the behind the wheel test to obtain my driver's license. When I try to make an appointment through the phone it says my permit will expire before an opening date... What can I do? Do I seriously need to pay to renew my permit?...even if it's only a couple days expired?? How much is it if so? This is really stupid.

My son is 16 1/2 and has his liecnse and his car. But my question is; what is the rule about driving after get your liecnse? Isn't it 6 months with anyone not under the age of 21 for 6 months???

how do i obtain my jr.permit ? im 17 1/2

reallly need help thanx

how i can get mi licence

Wtf so when i get my L's i have to drive with one who is 20 or older for 6 months then i can drive alone :-/ im so confused=help

I am 12 and I heard we have to be 18 to be a driver

i am about to be 17 next month...what exwctly do i need to get on the road?..i get confused with all the lerners permits,drivers permit,driving skoo,whats all this?.....isnt there somewhere i can just take a test and start driving....

so can i get my permit at 15 . ??

if pass written test at 18 - and only have a permit what are the restrictions?

Is it possible to sign up for my drivers license online or do i have to just call in?

I need to schedule an appointment for my great granddaughter to take her driving test and written test for her driver's license.

Is it possible to sign up for my drivers test online?

can you sign up for your drivers test online or do i need to call and schedule it over the phone?