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Learner's Permits for Beginner Drivers in Virginia

Obtaining a learner's permit is generally the first step that a beginner driver takes toward becoming a fully licensed driver in Virginia. You are eligible to apply for a learner's permit if you are at least 15 years and six months old and:

  • you have never been licensed to operate a vehicle, or
  • you are a new resident of Virginia who has been licensed in another state, but your driver's license has been expired for longer than six months


  1. Download a copy of the Virginia Driver's Manual, or get a hard copy by visiting a local Driver License Center.
  2. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must accompany you to sign the application. (Not required if you are married or an emancipated minor in which case you must produce relevant documents).
  3. Visit your local Driver License Center to submit the application. You must bring with you:
  4. The completed application form (form DL 1P). (In Virginia when you apply for your learner's permit you will also complete the application process for your driver's license).
  5. Acceptable proofs of identity, legal presence and Virginia residency as specified by the DMV. If you have changed your name, you must bring documents that support and clearly indicate your current name.
  6. Your Social Security card.
  7. The correct fee. Since you make a combined application - for learner's permit and driver's license - you also have to pay both the fees. It is $3 for the permit and $4 per year for the license (depending on age your learner's permit can be valid from 3 to 8 years). You can pay by cash, check, money order, e-check or credit card.
  8. You will be given a written knowledge test and an eye screening at the Driver License Center. If you pass these tests, you will be issued a learner's permit, which is valid for three to eight years depending on your age.
When driving with a learner's permit you must be accompanied by a licensed driver age of 21 or older. The supervising driver can be 18 if he or she is your sibling or legal guardian. This person must sit beside you.


If you are under 19, you must wait at least nine months after being issued your learner's permit and successfully complete an approved driver education course before you can get your driver's license. Other requirements:
  • Your parent or guardian must sign the certificate verifying that you have a minimum of 45 hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience, 15 of which was at night, (under direct supervision of an experienced adult driver).
  • Applicants under 18 need parental consent.
  • Applicants under 19 will be given driving skills test as part of the driver education course so you may not have to take one again.
First time license applicants 19 years of age or older can take the road skills test once they have held a learner's permit for 30 days provided they have completed an approved driver education course. If you are under 18 years of age you are only permitted to carry one unrelated passenger under 18 during the first year. After that you may carry up to three unrelated passengers until you reach 18.


Reviews of Learner's Permits for Beginner Drivers in Virginia

how much do you pay a learner's permit in state of VA.

Hi, I am 25 years old and been in USA for 2 years. I have attempted learner's permit 3 times but bad luck, I failed. Is there any other options to re-take exam other than attending classroom course for learner's permit and get a certificate. Please fill me with information and pull me out of this confusion.

I am 18 years old, I have my learners and i've held them for 9 months. My sophomore year in high school I took drivers ed but I did NOT do in car, am I eligible to try for my road skills test?

I'm 20 years old and my learners permit expired on my birthday it has been less than a year ago do I have to retake the test or can I just renew my permit?

Could anybody tell me how many questions are on the knowledge part? I've been studying like crazy online and seem to pass the quizzes given, I just need an estimate

my daughter failed learners permit 3 times I was told she could take class on line whats the website to sign her up

Can I get my license a month or two after i get my learners?

How can I change the address on my son's learners permit? Do I have to go to DMV??

My daughter lost her learners permit card, can she get a new card by going to DMV?

my daughter is 25 her learners permit expired can she renew it online?

Ok so I have already completed behind the wheel, 45 hour driving log, and all I need now is to hold my permit for 9 months (which ends May 3) can someone tell me the process of how to get my license? Because I dont know who to turn in my 45 hours to and I want to be driving by May 3...

hello there! i got my learners permit without taking divers ed class. Do i really have to take the class before getting full license? is it compulsory?

I failed the written test 3 times. ( I didn't study !) There is a new law that requires me to take about 30 hours of classroom instruction just TO BE ELIGIBLE to test again. I have now studied, and almost 2 years ago I took drivers ed in school. Is there any way to get around this classroom requirement?

the only way u can get around that is if u took that class right after u failed then u dont have to take the class but if u took the class before u

failed 3 times u have to go to the 30 hour class again

Okay so i failed my permit test 3 times already, i went to take it in sept/august. I'm not sure when i actually went but it was between those months. I was 16 at the time and i just turned 17 last month, would i be able to take my test over again without taking a class? i took a drivers ed class last year. Help!?! Please.

if u took the class after u failed then u do not have to take a class again but if u took the class and then took the test and failed it then u have to take the class one more time

i live in new jersey and im 16 i was issued my learners permit in july, and im moving down to VA at the end of august, and i was suppose to take my driven test the day after my 17th birthday feb 14, if i switch to a VA permit will i have to wait longer?

I'm 25 years old and I just got my learners permit. Can I drive alone while I have my learners permit or do I also have to be with a licensed passenger over the age of 21?

No. You have to wait until you get your driver's license.

Do I have to wait til the 21st of may to get my permit or can I get it any time during and/or after this month if my birthday is November 21st

you can get your permit on or after the 21st of May

can u register a car with a learners permit?

Okk i just turned 15, March 7th

Do i get my permit Aug. 7th or Sep. 7th

I'm 20 and live in Virginia and I have had my under 21 dl learner's permit since I was 18 and it doesn't expire until 2017. I was wondering what I would have to do to obtain my actual license?


go to the DMV and take the road skills test

2 more months untill i cn take my test to get my learners permit !!!! :D

if you're 16 already do you still have to wait 9 months to get your license

took drivers ed one year later took the test didnt study missed 0 questions but i was so nervis i peed my pants please study

in virginia if you are 18 with just a learners permit can you drive alone?

Why do I have to wait 9 months to let a license if I'm already 18 ?

ohh yea iqet my learners in 5 more months..yayy meh.!

I failed the written test 3 times. ( I didn't study !) There is a new law that requires me to take about 30 hours of classroom instruction just TO BE ELIGIBLE to test again. I have now studied, and almost 2 years ago I took drivers ed in school. Is there any way to get around this classroom requirement?

ok 2 quick questions... What time and what day is best to go take your Learners Test? And is there any quizzes on here that could help me pass without paying anything?

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Wanting To Drive!!!! :)


I need to pratice the test for driving test




alisha f babbi