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Beginner Drivers in Virginia

In order to be allowed to drive, prospective drivers must prove they can obey traffic rules and adhere to safety standards. A standard of quality is verified by the driver's license application process, secured by auto insurance and kept track of through registration and titling.


There are usually two routes one can take in getting a learner's permit. They can either wait and take the knowledge test, or opt for a Driver's Education program to get their permit earlier. Either way the knowledge test is required.


The majority of new drivers in Virginia are required to pass a written knowledge exam, whether when applying for an instruction permit or a driver's license. The test is administered at a local driver licensing office, and covers basic rules of the road and how to safely operate a motor vehicle.

There are three resources that can be used in conjunction to help in studying for the written exam: the virginia Drivers Guide, practice tests, and study guides. You must pass the knowledge exam before scheduling a driving exam.


After passing the knowledge test, you must pass a driving test in order to get your virginia driver's license. To practice for the driving test, you should be driving with an instructor or licensed adult. Many new drivers enrol in either a driver's education program or a licensed driving school to help them develop the appropriate skills and confidence.As well, it should be noted that the car you use in the driving test must have proper auto insurance.


Completing the knowledge and driving tests are the key requirements for obtaining a driver's license in Virginia. Beginner drivers must also complete an application, give proof of identity and residence, and pay the appropriate expenses. For complete information about how to obtain a driver's license in Virginia, see our Applying for a License section.


It is illegal to drive an uninsured car in the state of virginia, and therefore new drivers must ensure that they have the proper amount and type of insurance required by the State. Parents or legal guardians may have this covered for young drivers. Enrolling in a driver's education program or a licensed driving school may reduce your insurance premium. For more information, or to obtain competitive auto insurance quotes, see out our Auto Insurance section.

In addition, beginner drivers planning to get their own car have to ensure the vehicle is registered and titled before taking it on the road.


Reviews of Beginner Drivers in Virginia

I'm 14 and I was wondering since this page under beginner drivers it says "if you opt for a driver education program you can get your drivers permit early" my question is how much earlier can I get my drivers permit?

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i am 18 and ive had my learners for a few months but i havent done behind the wheel or finished my hours but ive completed drivers ed but havent completed the hours needed. am i still able to apply for a license early if i have only 2-3 months to obtain my license?

Hey I just turned 16 I've had my permit ever since I turned 15 1/2 and I have a job but I have no rides is it possible to get something that Would allow me to drive to work and back I already passed behind the wheel ,completed all 45 hours driven and completed the class

I'm sixteen and a half, and was wondering if anyone knows around about how many hours are required for me to drive, after I've already gotten my learners, in order to sign up for behind the wheel to get my license?

I am about to get my learners permit and want to know if I can get my motorcycle lerners permit at the same point in time.

I need someone who knows to answer this important question for me. Im 18 and have had my learners permit for almost three years. Ill be 19 this June and im about to finish up with the knowledge part of drivers ed. I want to know if i will have to take behind the wheel or if i can skip it and go straight to dmv and take the road skills evaluation test to get my license. I really need someone to clear this up for me.

you can automatically get your liscence as soon as your 19 for like 35 behind the wheel


youll are idiots asking if u got to take the drivers test yes u do i wouldnt want to get behind someone who hasnt done behind the wheel yet that just causes accidents

if you don't have a social security card..can u still get you permit?

I don't think so but call your dmv and ask.

I am a licensed 18yr old driver. Can a I let a learners permit licenses driver drive my vehicle?

i am 18 do i have to take behind the wheel befor i can get my learners permit or can i just go take the test

i am 18 do i have to take behind the wheel befor i can get my learners permit or can i just go take the test

i am 18 do i have to take behind the wheel befor i can get my learners permit or can i just go take the test

okay im 19 and i dont have my permit. i was curious about the time it takes from actually getting my permit to my license. my brother told me if your 18 or over you only have to wait 3 months for my license after getting my learners.

Im 19 and took the test but before u want to get your officail license u must take the permit test.i passed and have to wait a full 30 days for the road skills test,then if u pass u will earn your drivers license.

im 19 and wondering what i need to do to get my license? i have not had my permit yet.

Well I have a few questions that maybe someone can help me out on, I have Epilepsy & I do take medication for it & I've heard that you have to wait 6 months before you can get a license. Now I haven't had one since April of last year, & a long time ago I did get a written form saying I could drive & that was before my last episode. Do I still need a new form saying I can? & also I remember it saying that if you're over the age of 19 you have to hold a permit for a month before you have a license, did that change as well?

I am 20 Years old and still have my learners permit. Do I still have to take behind The Wheel to get my dirvers license? Or can I just go to the DMV and take the driving test and get it that way.

Go to DMV and take the Test and get your license

I just turned 19 last Wednesday, i have had my permit since July, how do i go about getting my drivers license?

im 18 and have my permit. turn 19 in may.

do i have to take Behind The Wheel?

and if so, is that it?

but if i turn nineteen what will i have to do to get my license then??

My daughter is almost 18 and has had her learners for about 15 months. Does she need to take behind the wheel or classroom to get her license?

Once she is 18, she can just go for the test if she has the learners permit and proof of residence, as well as money cost to get the drivers license, the test is driving on the roads, the intructer will ask you to change lanes, do a U turn, ect. ect., Very simple, you have to score an 80 or higher out of 100 to pass, good luck

just to be safe i would

well im having a very hard time trying to take this practice test, and im not for sure how. Im supposed to go on thursday to get my learners but i wanted to take this first. Someone want to help me find it?

i am 15 and a half and is getting my permit but i was told that if i have my permit and go straight into drivers ed i can get my license and be driving while im still at the age 15 and that is true because that's what im doing so i dont have to wait ................

my question is: why are the people waiting so long to get their licenses is it maditory that you must wait????

yes because technically u cant have a license untill you r 16 and 3 months i know

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I've had my learner's permit since before I turned 19. I am now almost 20 and my permit will be expiring in June. What all do I need to do to get my license before June 6th? Since I'm 19, do I have to fill out the driving log of hours? Thank you.

no one month after you turn 19 you do not need to take a class do the driving logs or anything you jus go pay the money and take the test and hope you pass thats it

hello, I would like to know what I have to do go get my driver's license. I'm 18 and next month I'll be 19. Do I have to get the permit first anyway? Please explain me because I'm still confuse.

Thank you

yes and i believe you have to hold it any where from 30 days to nine months im not sure

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i want to practice driver's test

I want to learn how to get a lisense and how todo it easy