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Oregon Online Traffic School - Court Approved powered online traffic school offers courses for:
  • Court ordered traffic school
  • Traffic ticket dismissal
  • Insurance reductions
You can complete all the course work online without leaving your home but make sure to check with your court to ensure it approves the course for your case. Once you have enrolled in the course You are Guaranteed to Pass!
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Oregon Driver Education and Traffic Schools

Learning how to drive smart and safe is important for all drivers. There are thousands of accidents caused every year by unsafe, careless or simply untrained drivers. This is especially true for young drivers who lack experience on the roads. So, it’s always never a bad idea to enrol in driver’s education or defensive driving courses or a in a traffic school. There are 3 major types of courses, in-class, online and on-the-road, although some course contain more than one of those aspects. It’s important to find a course that fits your needs so the first thing to do is review the appropriate article listed below. These articles will give you an idea of what sort of driver training is required by the state, what sort of courses are offered and will give you advice on what to do next.