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Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours


Click here to find your local Indiana dmv office location



Telephone customer service representatives are available to provide general information from 8:15 am to 5:45 pm on Mondays, from 8:15 am to 8:15 pm on Tuesdays, from 8:15 am to 6: 15 pm, Wednesday-Friday; and from 8:15 am to 1:45 pm on Saturdays. Pre-recorded general information is available at all other times.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services 
(317) 233-6000 - BMV's Call Centre    

Alternate phone numbers are available for information about specific topics.


Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles 
100 N. Senate Avenue 
Indianapolis, IN 46204    


You may also learn about new BMV processes through email alerts if you create your own appointment.


The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has locations in all counties throughout the State. Click here to find the BMV office location nearest you.


Apart from visiting BMV locations to schedule your vision, knowledge and road tests, you may also use the BMV website to schedule certain activities in advance:


Reviews of Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours

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I just got back from the Seymour IN BMV after trying to obtain a new licence after getting my name changed. Since I was born in the UK, we do name changes differently, called a Deed Poll. The Assistant Manager, 'Kym' refused to change my name because it was not a US court order. Yet my social security card has my new name, as does everywhere else that needs my name. So I guess, thanks to the Indiana BMV (seymour), Even though I tried to get it fixed, I'm driving around on an illegal licence. I' think it was discrimination because I am transsexual because I came in to get my gender marker changed too. That didn't happen either!

I left that branch upset that such an important document in my life is being blocked from me so I can actually live my life like every other human being in this country.

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I received my new license plate in the mail yesterday. The letters on it were RTW. Well in this state I take that as Right To Work and I believe that this series with the letters RTW was put in on purpose! I do not support RTw at all and I consider this as harassment!! I think that this series should be pulled. I had to pay another $10.00 to change the plate and if I should still receive a plate with RTW on it, I will have to pay another $30.00 for a specialty plate. I will not put a plate on my car with the letters RTW !!! The license branch needs to remove this series as it is offensive to many!!!

The Pine Valley branch is horrible. The managers are horrible. They argue with you about a title that I filled out with the seller, insisting that I am not to fill out the title, even though it has a place for my signature and printed name. They argue that I mutilated the the title. The managers are confrontational to the customers, insisting that they are wrong and only they can be right. They charge an exorbant fee for there so called title mutilation fee, and I offered to retieve the bill of sale which clearly showed the purchase price as well, and they refused, afraid of being wrong. For the future, I will make an extra attempt to go anywhere but Pine Valley, and better spend my time with personable people, who try to help and be true customer service representatives, rather than incompetent fools as Pine Valley truly exhibits.

tried to renew plate for my vehicles and bmv classifies them as commercial because they are listed as my living trust. i finally got a live person and he says you have 4 vehicles rioght? ok lets renew all of them . when i get the registrations one of them was for a vehicle i sold in may 2010 bmv says i cant get a refund and i need to go to branch to prove i sold vehicle what good was titles if i have to prove i sold it also now one of the vehicles i do have wont have plates bmv says supervisor will call me in 48 hours this is crazy customer service what so ever so i loose 88.00 for their mistake and still lost on one plate i did not get

Indiana's BMV is a JOKE and a very flawed system. I took and passed my driver's license back in early November of 2011 after jumping through MANY hoops at the DMV. At the time I was residing in a hotel and told the BMV clerks that I didn't have a "home" address, just a temporary one, and that I would be moving the following week to another state. My husband is military and when they want you to move, you move. They informed me that the only way to receive it is if I used the hotel's address. I just KNEW I'd go in circles especially when they gave me check lists, I'd bring back the items on the list, then they realized they left a few things out that I still needed to do DOH!

I informed the BMV of this and they assured me that my license would be sent to my hotel. I had to submit 3 forms of "proof" that I was staying there as well. Everyday for a week (the BMV in Pine Valley is located up the street from the hotel I was staying at) I checked the mail only to receive nothing from the BMV. My husband and I drove to Maryland and I asked the hotel clerks to forward my mail by placing it in a new envelope. They screwed that up but it came to them a whole month later. It was then sent back to the BMV supposedly and no one has seen it. It's January.

For weeks I've called the customer service line which got me nowhere. I've asked to speak to supervisors and have gotten the runaround saying they are "too busy" or only communicate by "mail" B.S. Who tells a customer (who paid $22 for a license that never came) that the person they really need to speak to is too busy? Um. Okay. So, I noticed on that you can duplicate a license if it is lost, stolen, mutilated etc. for more money. $10. Great! But nope, not me. Because some genius at the BMV forgot to update the system and has both my operators AND my permit locked into the system as VALID though my permit expired the day I passed my test. So, now not only is my license missing for 2 whole months, I cannot even duplicate it because some idiot forgot to update from a permit to a license.

Of course this is told to the customer service line and they still can't help me. They give me a zillion options then take them all back. "Go to your BMV in Maryland, we will send it there."

"No, never mind, you can only get it in Indiana."

"Oh, we can send it to your new address, oh, sorry, you no longer live in Indiana so we can't do that."

"Print out your driving record and take it to the BMV in Maryland, oh- right you might just have to take the test and get a Maryland license if you do that."

"Our supervisor is reviewing it, they will get back to you."

BULLS*it!! No one has called me about my license. And the error is still on the mybmv website!

There's no way in hell I'm retaking a test for another license. I earned the privilege to drive, I paid my money now give me what I paid for? I live on a base with NO public transportation. My husband has to use the car for work so guess who has to quit her job on account of a very unprofessional BMV error. Two months later and I'm still waiting on them to fix the IT problem on their site so I can request a duplicate that I may or may not get. Ridiculous. I've print screened everything so I will be alerting someone. Indiana, just give the friggin IDs IN PERSON, you sure did take my cash up front.


CALL (317) 233-6000 - BMV's Call Centre

Push option 5 Identification requirements

Push option2 for all other erquirements/questions

then you will be directed to someone that is live and "should" be able to answer your questions.


call the 317-233-6000

It is obvious that this comment section is just to allow the citizens of Indiana a place to complain about the BMV. They have no intention of reading these comments and improving the broken system.

How many times must they hear that WE WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LIVE PERSON for difficult questions we have about titles, licenses, forms.

If someone has a number where a REAL LIVE PERSON answers with phone and is prepared to SERVICE the citizens of Indiana, please share it on this page.

Thank you.

(317) 233-6000 - BMV's Call Centre

Push option 5

Then Push option 2

If anyone from the Indiana BMV reads these comments, please add a feature to speak to a live person when we call you. I could have saved myself more than half an hour on a question that took less than two minutes to answer when I HAD TO GO to the BMV because I could not speak to someone on the phone.PLEASE!!!


I've already visited a branch (waited over an hour) and got handed printouts from the website with no further instructions/help.


(317) 233-6000 - BMV's Call Centre

Option 5

then push option 2

Like many of the other comments, I find it essentially impossible to actually talk with a person to get a simple question answered. It seems obvious that the system is deliberately set up this way in order to avoid any real interaction with the peasants who actually inhabit the state. Clearly, the state consider us an annoyance whose only function is to provide tax money to pay the salaries of the state bureaucrats and politicians. This whole format screams this contempt for the average citizen/taxpayer in that there is much feedback from we the miserable taxpayers and NO responses from the people who run the BMV. It's like sending a message to outer space.

I am trying to talk to a live person and that simply is not a choice (and they don't respond to emails). Asinine. On Monday I am driving to Indiana to pick up a homemade teardrop trailer and need temporary tags to drive it back to Arizona. I am driving in on I70 and need an office west and south of Indianapolis where I want to set up an appointment to have the trailer inspected and get the tags. ANY SUGGESTIONS from anyone would be welcome.

We went to, what we thought was the Indianapolis BMV Reinstatement Center trying 2 get my fiancee's license reinstated this past Saturday. It has been an ordeal trying to figure the proper steps on HOW to reinstate anyhow because the web links for reinstatement DID NOT WORK "Page Error 404".. So I could not find the office address on THIS SITE, so I went to Google maps to find it and thought I found it on 531 W Virginia Ave.... We went there and it is an empty building that says "We have moved to 1400 Madison Ave" So, we realized we passed it on the way to Virginia Ave... geeze. So we go to the BMV on Madison and wait in line because he has his insurance and SR-22 and ready to pay them the reinstatement fee to get his pic taken and be done...BECAUSE THE WEB PAGE did not work, we didn't know that there ARE NO REISTATEMENT CENTERS ANY MORE!!! The check in lady was so awful & like a robot she would NOT say anything other than "you have to call the number on the paper I gave you" She even looked up his soc number and STILL would not even hint us in the right direction. I even told her I didn't know anything that was going on because the web page didn't work... She still kept repeating the same thing... So, I told her "F U" - yeah. I don't do that normally ever, but she was awful! Then we find today that all he had to do was call that 800 BMV number give them $10 over the phone and then go in to ANY Indiana BMV to get his pic taken.

WHAT THE H** is wrong with the BMV personnel? Are they TRAINED to be that rude? Why would you put someone THAT rude at a Check-IN Counter?

I saw some elderly man arguing with her too in front of us...I didn't think much but "oh, that is an older man who isn't into change..." But when I got up there.. I KNOW why he was mad.

This is just great.

I see few positive comments here...

I have a negative too...

EVERY link I follow to go to reinstatement gives me an error.

I first tried to find out how to an error

Then, I tried to find the reinstatement location...I got an error

This is dumb. If anyone knows if the BMV Indianapolis downtown reinstatement office is open on Saturdays and knows the address.. please send me an email to

Thank you,

Heather who is mad at this site!

Ha ha...never-mind...

I found the hours up in the information above the comments..duh

And, I found the location on Google Maps... not here!

Thanks anyhow :)

Don't like what is going on at the BMV?? Did you vote Republican? For "My man _itch? Enjoy the fruits of your vote. He appointed the idiot that runs the BMV. It was his second try at it.

I love my local BMV. When we first moved to Indiana I was so impressed with the personal service I received. The branch office was pleasant and charming. Since then ( 14 years ago ) things have changed. The personnel are still pleasant but everything within the IN. BMV us so micromanaged It's caused the branch to loose it's personal appeal. You have to call Indy for everything..what if I don't want to do it all online? I have waited forever on the phone to get a question answered. I can't even call my branch to ask a question or schedule a drive test for one of my kids. I think we need to get back to personal service!

Once again,

I have been caught up in ur tangled web of 'non professional service" at one of your sites. (Lawrence Branch)..I am really gettin fed up with you people at the BMV. All I want is an ID card to be able to do the simple things like everyone else..U know, stuff like, vote, get a bank account, library card etc:, but u inept folks here at the BMV always make it so difficult and your "Customer Service" is just "plain rotten" when it comes to explaining in detail what a person needs to get an ID card for this state..I should not have to go back and forth each time I try or attempt to get and ID card issued..This is the second time I have had a "run in" with your "unprofessional" and "Do not give a Damn attitude from your branches..I should not have to hear things like" I do not have to provide you with anything" when all I wanted was some explanation and service. I should not have to have the police called because I was asking for "competent customer service". Maybe I was not all the way right in venting my frustration, but enuff is enuff..there is only so much a person can take when he feels he is gettin "railroaded". What happened is this: It began almost nine months ago when I tried to obtain and Indiana ID card from one of your branches..I did not then receive the "proper customers service" and was called and apologized to by some guy there, who told me that all I needed to do was get an updated Birth Certificate fm ILL, due to my first name not being on the document.( this should b explained on your requiremnt of documentation list), .I have waited nine months and finally after ranting and raving, got my BC fm Springfield, that too was worse than pulling teeth..Now, I get the document and go to your BMV in Lawrence to obtain and ID card. I was then told by some guy named "Mark", that since my SS card had my middle initial and my BC did not that I could not obtain an ID card..he was very uprofessional in his analogy of this, his lackadaisal attitude and his uncareing manner disturbed me greatly..Why is it so hard for someone there to take the time to look at your documents and explain details like, Your middle initial should match your BC, or your Bc should have your full name on it, even though it was issued by a governing entity,,why is it that this BMV makes you go back and forth repeatedly, instead of looking at your documents and helping u to understand everything u need ot obtain and ID card. The printout and the list of required docs do not state or specify certainties like those..It would help people out a little better and in the interim, u would not have people like me running back and forth for these little details.. It is very frustrating..To top it off, after I asked for phone numbers to call the main offices to c if something could b done, I was refused names of supervisors, managers, heads of offices and anyone else who was in charge there at this time..I thought those kinds of requests were honored by your offices, mayb I am wrong. anyway, if I do not tell u this, then u will go around thinking your employees r doing their jobs..NOT.If this is what my tax dollars r paying for, then I and all other citizens r gettin "screwed" by your offices..I can b reached at 317-238-9901, My name is , Marshall McCormick...mayb u will respond and maybe u will not,,who really cares but me, and that is bcause I need the "stupid ID"...

A real dissatisfied taxpayer

The hours posted on this website for several of the BMV locations needs to be updated. They are not open five days a week, only three days and very limited hours. Had to call three locations to find one open on a Friday. How sad we are required, by law, to purchase plates, stickers, etc., but can't find a branch open enough hours nor days to do what is required.

BMV branches are open 5 days a week, not 3, Tuesday thru Saturday. A small number of branches are launching a pilot program in which 2 branches share employees and days. 1 branch will be open Monday,Wednesday,Friday the other will be open Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday. The automated phone system is a bit time consuming to use but if you listen to all options and select the appropriate ones for your situation you will be able to speak with a person.

Yes, and then they tell you that you can not submit any paper work the courts have to submit it. Then you have to hope they do this and then you have to wait 8 to 10 days for it to be reinstated.

I would rather wait in line for hours then send this.

Here in Indiana our BMV is only open 2 days out of the full week. they are never there when you call. and when you are trying to find out something you are better off talking to someone off of facebook that know's the prices of things then try to find out anything over the phone or the website. I don't think it is to much of DMV falt but the government's falt as will.

And the backward state of Indiana gets more and more backwards. So, we'll employ people to renew license, but, we'll mail them to you. My plates expire today, how many times will I get stopped in the next two weeks for invalid plates? I'll sit there while they run my plates and my license, it really won't matter if I show the receipt, they've stopped me so, I'll waste 30 minutes or so while they find nothing. Some of you will say renew earlier. How about this? I already am. Ten years ago, all plates expired at the end of the month. Then they split up the expirations, so, I paid for a full year of plates and ended up with 11 and one half months of a plate. Maybe the state will be happy if I just pay for the next ten years in advance. Idiots.

I wish to talk with a real person. The automated answering system does not give me the option I need. How do I get through without leaving my personal information on this comment area. Will you reply to my comment or am I talking to just other folks who have been through the mumble jumble.

We have two Indiana Certificate of Vehicle Registrations with stickers that says (VOID). I don't think I can put that on my Semi trailer, but,


The automated system just says "goodbye".

The only telephone number I can find is the 317 233 6000 with the automated voice. No Good for anything.

I totally agree....What is it with the BMV that will not let you speak with a LIVE person. A simple questions is all I want and should not have to go to the BMV location to get this simple question only to find out that I dont have the information "they need". Its no wonder the BMV has a poor reputation. Get it together folks and make it simple for everyone and change your automated system to reflect the truth...that you cannot get ALL the information you need online or through your defective automated system.....GGGRRRRR!!!!!!!

Recently visited the BMV to renew registration. The wait was no time at all and

business was taken care of promptly. The only downfall was that the reg. stickers

will be mailed out to all instead of ' on the spot' renewal. Also, the self-service

terminals were perfect for those who have to wait up to the last minute, due to

insufficient $$ before hand. It appears that whomever has ruled for these changes,

was either brain -dead, on dope, or has received mucho $$$ for some very , very

inefficent ideas. These ideas certainly are not in the realm of helpful or efficient

for the IN drivers. Mailing out stickers cost the state $$ also. I thought the state

was wanting to get rid of many "SAME" committees, and save $$$ for other so-

called $$$ -eating frivolities. Hmmmm.

ya gotta wonder if the people at the bmv with rotten teeth and look like a trailer gave birth to them are operating motor vehicles themselves. been on hold for 45 min, Im moving in 7 days and need info. Ok cornbread f*** get off your butt, put down the meth and answer the phone

Just visted Princeton BMV. People inside but door locked, 2:00 PM. Small sign on door "Closed do to weather". It is raining. Give me a break. I bet they were all still getting paid. Can't waite untill we all have a government job.

I tink this is a great site to work off of

The site may be good but I don't feel the same about the BMV. I just emailed payment for renewed plates, got the new registrations for my cars in the mail today but NO STICKERS included! And NO humans are accessible by phone, just that awful automated menu, so Tuesday I STILL have to get out & go to the license branch IN PERSON & have them rectify THEIR error! Thank you for p*ss-poor service & NO "customer service" from an actual human being. How many people lost their jobs when BMV went totally automated?


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