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Arizona Motor Vehicle Division Locations and Hours


Click here to find your local Arizona dmv office location



Telephone customer service representatives are available to provide general information from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Pre-recorded general information is available at all other times.

Arizona Motor Vehicle Services 
(800) 284-7748- toll-free, within Arizona
(602) 255-0072 - from out-of-state     

(602) 712-3222- (Phoenix) TTY (for hearing or speech-impaired individuals)

(800) 324-5425 (Elsewhere) TTY (for hearing or speech-impaired individuals)

Alternate phone numbers are available for information about specific topics.


Arizona Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division
PO Box 2100
Phoenix, AZ 85001-2100    


You may also contact the MVD via email with specific questions or issues.


The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has locations in all counties throughout the State. Click here to find the MVD office location nearest you.


Apart from visiting MVD locations to schedule your vision, knowledge and road tests, you may call an MVD office to schedule certain activities like driver license tests in advance.


Reviews of Arizona Motor Vehicle Division Locations and Hours

My friend of 23 years, Michael Homrighausen, has a 9 DUI driving history. Since Jan. 2011, I have knowledge of his blatant thwarting of the laws and refusal to comply with his driving restrictions. I personally experienced his continued DUI and going to get his car breath tester calibrated, then taking the Lincoln home. Only to pick up HIS Bronco (Az. plate 152VJC) or Dodge Stealth to DRIVE to the Nugget bar at 83rd av./ Indian School. I believe he told me he lied and reported he had no other cars. So not to have to get breath testers. I have a clean DL, rarely drink alcohol. Since Jan. I have begged him to let me drive him to the bars and drop him off. I could be on call for him to be picked up, at NO CHARGE. I am visiting my Mom at Garden Lakes,Avondale. He drives HIS Bronco right past every other day aprx. on the way to the bar. Usually he goes to the bar 9/10am, drinks himself silly, then DRIVES home in the afternoon. He AND his enabling drinking buddy, insurance broker Doug Wilkerson, think this DUI stuff is just a big game! He now has insinuated he is paying off the guys at the breath test business. I AM VERY WORRIED FOR HIS SAFETY AND OTHERS! PLEASE DO SOME THING TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC AT LEAST.

You're a psycho!

This is Janice K. Martinez, I have a question, my email address:

"If an individual takes someone else's (4) vehicle titles, takes their vehicles, not in their name and refusal to return titles, etc.

What else can one do to replace titles? It is said it has been destroyed, but there is no proof and definitely for sure, the titles are NOT going to be returned. This has been within 8-12 months. Three vehicles are out of commission now. What is one to do?? Thank you for letting me know.

Just go to any MVD and ask them to give you duplicate of the Title of that vehicle. If it is under your name they will give you that duplicate.


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